Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stormy Weather is On Its Way

I'm watching The Weather Channel show bad weather up in New York 
where we enjoyed these views this time last week.  

We each picked a rock to sit on......they were hard. 

Amazingly red flower.....just because.

Before long it will be our turn to stay inside and take shelter.
The storms are headed here.

Praying that they come.
They leave rain.
They move on.....
We kind of have outdoor plans this evening.
We'll see.
Most important is safety for all in the 
way of these storms.

Please take shelter if you are 
in the Northeast
on this Thursday afternoon.
These are serious.

Before I sign off for this post I have to show you
the view from Lanzi's on the Lake in 
Mayfield, New York.

This is a place we would love to return to
at some point in the future.

The food was delicious and the staff
very capable.
More than anything, though, was the view.
Sitting on the deck overlooking
the Sacandaga Lake.

We loved seeing people come up to the dock 
on their boats and then come on up 
to have their dinner.

A great spot.
I highly recommend it!

Now the pups are declaring their need 
to go outside.
Guess I'll pay attention and feed 
our new chicks while I am at it.
There are three who hatched out just as we 
were getting home.
Precious little fluffballs.


Vee said...

How come your rock is so far from his rock?

I haven't heard about these storms...guess I'd better check the weather channel.

Stay safe!

Karen said...

You have such a good eye for photography! You got some really nice pictures.

We've had a rainy day today, off and on, but thankfully kept our power. Not so in town-everywhere I went today was without power. A good reminder to be thankful, for sure.

Hope you get some rain for the crops but no scary weather tags along.