Monday, July 2, 2012

Tourist or Resident?

I didn't know there was such a difference between the tourist and the
Lancaster County resident until I met this 
very beautiful and special lady....

 See the braid?
It is special for Lancaster County.


You may read Marydon's blog?
If you don't you are missing out.

Well, a while back Marydon started sending me 
cryptic messages about something coming in June.
I replied to her comment but the next time she would 
ask again as if I hadn't responded.
For a moment I wondered if Marydon might be 
losing it...but I would read her posts and they all made 
sense so I just kept responding to her inquiries.
Then one day it hit me.
I looked at the screen after I hit reply.
It said "no reply"
That explained our communication snafu.

So....we finally made contact.
I found out that Marydon was going to be bringing
two ladies from California to my neck of the woods
and she wanted them to see my candles.

We arranged to meet at one of the shops
where my candles are sold.
And so we did.

I was thrilled to meet Tanza and her mother, Donna.

I took photos with Marydon and these ladies but I used their cameras and forgot to take one with mine...pout.

Such warm ladies.
Tanza was as entertaining as she found everything around her.
I have never had the opportunity to show someone around
who was as starstruck with Lancaster County as 
Tanza was.

Reminded me of the first time I set foot on St. Simon's Island, GA.
I thought I would just break into tears, 
so happy was I to be there.
To walk where the people I had so often read about had see the gravestones....
but enough about that.

You see, 
in that way I totally understood Tanza.
Now I kind of want to see our lovely County 
I think we take it for granted around here.
We get irritated as we have to slow to pass that buggy
or blast down country roads never paying a bit of 
attention to the vistas around us. Views which draw 
people in from a world away.

We enjoyed a very delightful lunch together,
the four of us, 
and then we parted ways.

But as I drove through Strasburg I noticed
the haystacks and the buggy as I passed it 
by knowing who was driving behind me and just 
imagining the joy of the sight for her.

That makes for such a happy heart.

I'm clearly more resident than tourist
but for that one day I got to see it through different eyes.
I think that you should all come on over to Lancaster County.
It is a pretty great place to visit
or live.


Tanza said...

Hi Becky sweet, wonderful, NeW friend of mine !!
What a wonderful surprise to see this tonite as I was getting ready to turn my computer off, and get ready for bed !! This brought tears and yelps of JoY from my heart, and my mouth !! :O It was such a wonderfully, beautiful day, that Wednesday of my trip !! I MET YoU !! Sweet, beautiful Becky !! We had such a nice lunch and too short of a visit !! I STILL think of you each day my candles burn .. they smell heavenly !! Just like I had imagined they would !!

That was such an anticipated day for me !! I kept saying WEDNESDAY I get to go see my AMISH friends !! It was SOOO much FUN !! Everything was beautiful !! Your part of this country is just amazing and sooo pretty, and the sky is Soooo Big, and the green just goes on forever !! A little BiT of heaven is there !! And, those sweet Amish, they are so interesting to me .. and, some EvEn smiled, and some EvEn waved !! YeP !! at me, lil' ole' mee !! I was like a child in a candy store !! I took everything in, and STILL, when I close my eyes I can so vividly see and hear the sounds of the cloppity clop of the horses, and the beautiful farms, and the beautiful NeW "friends" of mine tending to there farms ..

You were such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with .. I'm soo happy that you shared soo much information with us as well !! I LoVe your love for our Lord, and your family !! God is soo good, and how HE connected us all together !! He has such wonderful plans for us .. That was always a dream for me, and NOW, a wonderful memory I have to recollect at any given time !!

Thank you soo much for this, as it brings back that exact feeling of JoY, and anticipation of such a wonderful time in my life !!

I hope to meet up with you again real soon Becky, it won't be our last get-together I know !! You have left a footprint on my heart forever my friend ~

Soo much love ~Tanza~ xo

Mrs.Rabe said...

I have a dear friend who loves all things Amish too! We'll be driving somewhere when they are visiting and she'll say to Tim "where's the fire, Tim?" meaning - "Slow Down!"

We do live is such a beautiful place and I often praise the Lord when I am driving around and seeing the beauty. Just think this much beauty in a fallen world - I can't fathom what's to come!


Marydon said...

Every time Tanza sees something that flicks her fancy, I'll bet she hears me hollaring, roll down the window & get your camera, Tanza!!!' Truly I did! Even tho I live out here I feel as thrilled as does Tanza every time I see the 'sights' surrounding me.

Tanza & Donna are just precious. We did have a good time & you will see us again when she returns ... tho me before then.

Traveling with Tanza & even Sherry brings such oooo's & aaaahhhh's that they will linger forever in my mind. so love being a tourist guide for people that show the depth of their joys in the sights.

Doesn't Tanza just about bubble you out of the sky?

What a delight it was to see you, my sunshine girl! That smile coming down the aisle was so nice to see after too long an absence. You are just the sweetest ever, Becky.

Have a sparkling 4th ~

Theresa said...

I read all about this sweet friend on Marydon's blog! She is beautiful and such a joy! It looks like you all had a wonderful time, wish I had been there! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Diane said...

It looks like you all had such a nice time together! Aren't bloggity friends so special? Looking forward to visiting your neck of the woods come August dear friend:)

Vee said...

Oh I love this view of Lancaster County through your eyes as a resident and from your new eyes as a resident considering what it is like to see it all for the first time. I think some of your comments will help me with tourist season, too. Now, I must check out Marydon's blog! Marydon losing it? LOL! =D