Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quiet Evening in the Neighborhood

It all started when I went out to move the van so that when Warren got home from an extra long day of work he would be able to get past it and park his Miata in the garage. The settling light of the sun was providing a special light on the Echinacea. 

Well, that was just the beginning because then the cows and the farm across the way caught my interest.  If you enjoy photography you know that special light.  It is nearly magical.  

I truly enjoy having cows as neighbors.
They are funny, curious and just make me smile.

I noticed Georgia's car down the road and wondered if perhaps she 
had spotted our little skunk family.  
You see we've been seeing a mama skunk and her four babies 
tottering here and there about dusk,
They are adorable...even if they do stink.

However, it was not the skunk family that had Georgia's attention.
It was our neighbor, Arlene....
who definitely does not stink.
These ladies have become very good friends.
I am very thankful for this.
Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold.

Pretty soon Mom came out to see what I was up to and 
Georgia and Arlene joined us.
Conversation buzzed.
Some about happenings in the 'hood.
You know, the skunk family, a house that had sold, an upcoming bus trip,
 and so much more.
And as all of that transpired the sun continued on its way
to light the other side of our earth.
Don't yell at me...I know it is not the sun that is moving.
I'm a homeschool mom, remember?

I rudely broke into a story Arlene was sharing to ask if that was a deer I was seeing.
Turns out....there were more than one.
I didn't know until I saw these photos.

 Bet this wouldn't make the farmer happy.

Finally, Warren and Chelsea joined us.
Warren had driven by on his way home a few minutes earlier.
I don't think he believed us when we told him we were the welcoming committee
just waiting for his return.

Then another neighbor strolled on over.
By now we had both of our dogs and both of our cats hanging out.
It was quite the gathering.

All because the light was right when I went to move the van.

As we all headed to our respective homes I turned around and 
noticed our Chloe and Tidbit walking along as if they were just a part of the
whole party.
Had to snatch that shot.

I so love our neighborhood.
Having our Moms here and all of the great friends we have made over the years.
It is a "very good thing".
Right, Martha?
I'm quite sure she would agree.


SHEILA said...

Oh Becky what a lovely post. Sounds like you live in Mayberry! How blessed you are. And the photos are STUNNING!

jAne said...

this is one of my very favorite posts from your blog. the images you captured with your camera are incredible..i counted 3 deer. and the sunset is artistry from God Himself. wow. the togetherness of family and fur-babies? priceless.....

NellywithWings said...

Becky! I loved your post, it made me feel like joining the crowd :D

Vee said...

What a unique and lovely post. Love the light and the conversation and it's amazing what one can see if she is look.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Our little street is not quite as sociable as yours...kind of a sad thing.

Beautiful photos...I love your sunsets! I only get good sunrises here...

Have a great day!


Vickie said...

Loved this, Becky! Doncha just LOVE the golden warm light in the evening? And it's not every evening, just on special occasions - like last night for you! And yes, I love your neighborhood, too - it's nice having the farm across the way and sweet neighbors to visit with. Cute that all the critters joined in on the fun, too - even the deer!

MYSAVIOR said...

Beautiful post - the photos are awesome. God is so good.


Melissa G. said...

I'm glad you were outside to capture all that beauty!