Monday, July 30, 2012

Skydiving On A Summer Day

Not Me.
I don't skydive.

But I have friends and family who cannot 
get enough of this adventurous sport.

On Saturday there were five scheduled
to jump.
My Mom, Emma, Tim, Shelly and Joseph.
(The link goes to Deanna's photos of the day)

Three of the five were able to take their 
turns before a bad thunderstorm 
stopped the fun.

Mom and Shelly had to postpone.
Turns out that wasn't all bad because
some of the others want to go again
and at least one who couldn't jump this time
wants to give it a try.

Here are some fun shots from this 
very, very hot and humid day.

Mom gets instruction  from Pete.

Learning how to turn.

Pete assured her that he could override if she went crazy with spins and turns.

If you want to spin pull it all the way down.

Emma all suited up and ready to FLY.

This was a celebration of her 18th birthday.  
 Although Emma's birthday was a few months ago at a time of the year
not so conducive to learning to skydive.

Father and daughter ham for the camera before they jump.

 Those crazy kids.  lol

It was hard to see the screen on such a sunny day......
Well, that and to catch a moving target.

 Due to the extreme heat some of us hid under the shadow of a plane to watch the landings.
This was Emma and Chuck(her tandem instructor) just after they slid in for a
fun landing.

 Tim and his instructor, Pete.

Joseph....So excited and ready to jump!
 Joseph wants to go again and put to use a lot of what 
he learned from his first jump.
The flip and turns that he did nearly made him 
pass out so he felt he missed some of the excitement.

Mom and Pete training again.

That is a mock plane door.

I think he is explaining how he will SHOVE her out of the door.....just kidding.

One of the planes they used that day. 

I don't think I would like an open door up there....just sayin'.

 Here comes Joseph!

Finally Mom was getting suited up.
But even as they got her ready they knew it was likely she wouldn't jump 
that day.  They were watching a huge storm moving that way.
We could feel it coming....the air got soupy.

Mom's face just kept getting redder. 
Tim was fanning her with the lid of the trash can.
 I finally asked if she could get out of the suit as we were 
waiting.  They agreed and she was much more comfortable.
That thing is HOT.
Not a good thing on a 90-something degree day with 
high humidity.

With Mom and Emma needing to get to work they decided not to 
wait out the storm. 
Probably a good thing because it rained most of the rest of the afternoon.
Another attempt is going to be scheduled in September or October.

Here's hoping for a cooler day!


Loretta - Thoughtful Gems said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures. Great father and daughter picture. Still not ready to skydive though.

Mrs.Rabe said...

It was such a great day! We were all so disappointed for Ruth and Shelly! Boo hoo!

But It will be fun to go again, and watch!!!!


Elena said...

Wow, that is amazing! Your mom is a very brave soul.

MYSAVIOR said...

Well, there is something I would not love to do vicariously through you! LOL

Your mom is awesome!


Theresa said...

No jumping from a plane for moi:) I don't really even like flying in the big ones! Hope they all get to jump before too long! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

tea time and roses said...

Oh how happy I am to be here! I have so missed my regular visits with Hospitality Lane. :)

What beautiful photos Becky! Those skies could not have been anymore beautiful. Like you, there will be no jumping for me, oh no. :)

When living near the San Bernardino Mountains we would often go and watch those who love to skydive. I could tell just how much they loved it and was so excited for them, but still I wondered how they could be so brave. :)

Lovely post. Continue to enjoy a beautiful summer.



~PJ said...

I can't believe my dear Aunt Ruth was thinking about jumping out of a plane!!! I'm also concerned because there is NO safety tip listed under their Safety Tip Of The Month sign. Doesn't bode well!

Vee said...

These pictures made me laugh. Out loud. And loudly. What a hoot your mom is and a good sport. I hope that "her day" in autumn will be perfect in every way. Tim and Emily's photos are so cute. Such hambones.

Vickie said...

Becky - your mom is so cute (and BRAVE)! Sorry she didn't get to do her jump - you'll have to post pictures when she does!

Linda Gross said...

Good account of the day with photographs to match. It better be cooler in September or October!