Monday, July 16, 2012

Albany, NY

Warren and I had a wonderful time in Albany today.
It is a great city.
We loved the spaciousness of this New York Capitol.

It was kind of amusing the night before when at dinner we 
asked our waitress what she would recommend to tourists
for something to do.
Her eyes opened wide and she apologetically assured 
us that there was nothing to do in the area.
She left our table and returned a few minutes later to 
let us know that she had asked around and everyone agreed.
Nothing to do.....

Well, that was a challenge to this fun loving girl.
We had breakfast at the "shiny" diner.
There are two diners close by and when I suggested the 
diner Warren asked which one?  
We settled on the "shiny one".
It sits on a traffic circle so they were 
apparently not feeling particularly inventive
the day they needed a name
and it became The Circle Diner.

After a delicious meal
we headed to the big city and see what 
we could see.
The first thing we found was the Visitor Center.
It was very conveniently located and well marked.
It is a historic building that was purchased and restored.
We learned that there are few things that Albany holds

Dutch Settlements
Iron Works


Just kidding.
There are a lot of references to beer but
we found our visit to this center to be
simply lovely. 

As was the young lady working at the desk.
Turns out she is an artist on Etsy too.
She does watercolors.
Can't wait to check out her shop.

Anyway....we then went looking for the
Empire State Plaza.
We found it and eventually figured out where we 
were supposed to park.
We then proceeded to find our way to the 
Corning Tower Observation Deck.
This is the tallest building between
 the Empire State Building 
and Canada. 

Forefront, the white oval....The Egg.  It is a huge Convention Center.
The building with the red spires on the roof....The Capitol Building.
The columned building behind the Capitol is the Education Building.
 The castle looking building is a College Administration building.
I think it looks like a very cool place to work!

 The Hudson River.

This elevator literally makes you ill.
We were both wobbling when we got off 
at the observation deck.
Warren didn't get over the dizzy feeling.
In fact his blood sugar dropped drastically 
and by the time we were safely back on the ground he 
was seriously ill.
Sweats and dizziness were the main symptoms
but he also became "foggy in the brain".
I remembered these things from having a Dad
with diabetes.
Something about the effects of the elevator really
impacted Warren.
A hurried stop for some lemonade brought him 
around but I was terrified.
In fact if I had seen a police officer or EMT 
I would have flagged them down.
Thank goodness that wasn't necessary.

This cut our time in the city short because it was so 
hot and he was still weak.
We ended up down by the Hudson River taking in the 
view and enjoying the ducks and geese so close by.

Even though it was hot there was a wonderful breeze there
and we were under huge weeping willow trees.
It was the perfect place to catch our breath before heading 
back to the hotel.

We made it back just fine and have enjoyed a leisurely rest 
of the day.  Dinner tonight was at Carrabba's.
So delish!
Then we picked up a few things at Target.
It was weird because this one is laid out exactly 
like ours at home.
Other than the low flying planes heading to the 
Albany International Airport we could have been 
in Lancaster County.
Those planes are low and loud.
You may know that I have a serious plane phobia.
Glad I don't live that close to an airport.

Tomorrow's adventure is supposed to include a 
train ride but we aren't yet sure if we'll be able to get tickets.
We shall see.
I'll let you know.

Chelsea reported that she is having a wonderful time
at her Guild event. 
She has a wonderful room mate.
For this we are all very grateful.

Hope your days are going well.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I'm glad Warren made a quick recovery! And that you found something fun to do today!


bananaorangeapple said...

I hope you get to go on the train ride! Great photos. I know a song about a hungry whale from Albany, I will sing it for you now..

In Albany town there lived a whale
And she ate tubas by the pail
and a toothbrush!
And your grandmother!
And anything else that's helpless

bananaorangeapple said...

I hope you get to go on the train ride! Great photos. I know a song about a hungry whale from Albany, I will sing it for you now..

In Albany town there lived a whale
And she ate tubas by the pail
and a toothbrush!
And your grandmother!
And anything else that's helpless

Vee said...

Oh I'm glad that Warren made it through that episode safely. It was scary the way you described it. No more elevators! What a beautiful city. I spent three days there once and never saw a thing because I was at a teacher's convention. What the waitress told you is so funny...nothing to do! Pshaawww...

Lorrie Esposito said...

Sorry DH got sick but loved hearing how the rest of the trip went. Great pics!

ZudaGay said...

What a lovely city! Thank you for the tour. SO glad that Warren recovered from his bout of sickness. How scary!
I love sitting under weeping willow trees...

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like you all are seeing some gorgeous sites! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

sammysgrammy said...

Lovely post, Becky. Warren should always carry a vial of glucose tablets in his pocket. They come in a plastic tube of abt. 10 and will spike blood glucose fast. I think it even tells you on the vial how many to take for the increase you need.

sammysgrammy said...

For Warren-carry a vial of glucose tablets in your pocket at all times. Get them at your drugstore in the diabetes section. Come in flavors.

MYSAVIOR said...

So glad that Warren is okay and that you are enjoying yourselves.


Linda Gross said...

How terrifying for you and Warren. I am glad that the lemonade made him feel better! Nice views of the city from the Corning Tower.