Friday, January 6, 2012

What A Week!

Is it really Friday?
This week has been a blur.

Chelsea is driving me all over the 
place since her driver's test is coming
up in just over a week.
Not really ready for that....
she is...I'm not.

I've been making headway 
in the candle business.
I more than doubled my space 
at Cape Cod Crafters 
so spent hours yesterday setting up 
the new space.
It made me realize how much work
an entire store would be.
That, and how much inventory
it would take to fill it.

A local Spa owner has decided to 
carry my candles.
She is a wonderfully kind lady with 
a very big heart.
We've met twice and I am just naturally 
drawn to her.
I think it might be Jesus shining through
her life.  :-)

A Christian Bookstore is considering 
carrying the candles.
We shall see. 
One of their employees said if they 
don't do it soon he is going to 
order a cappuccino candle on his own.
(This is me...
grinning from ear to ear!!)
They only got their sample candles 
on Wednesday or Thursday so 
I think he will just have to be patient.

Chelsea is doing very well in her 
fight against the Anorexia.
We stopped medical treatment
some months ago....
It was no longer making a difference.
She has continued to improve. 
I am thrilled with her progress.
She is spending much time in the 
Word and focusing on things that are
worthwhile and worthy of her time.
So much better than cycles of negative
thoughts and self recriminations 
that come with these types of 
Working with a wonderful group of 
people at Sight and Sound has been very 
good for her as well.

Jonathan is still working at Kirklands.
He has formed some good friendships 
among his coworkers and I think he is 
growing on them.
They weren't quite sure about his 
quirky personality at first but 
he got a very nice card from his manager
at Christmas.
So that is very good.

Mikey is seeking full time work.
While he loves his boss and coworkers
at Agway he really does need to pursue
something that will lend itself to a career.
Praying that God opens doors.
He has applied for a position that would
be "perfect" for him....
in our estimation.
I would really covet your prayers in 
this matter.  
The other development with Mikey
is that he got two chichillas right 
after Christmas.
They are all his.
They live in his room.
He does all of the 
care and cleaning for them.
Cute as they are...
that is the perfect place for them.

Warren is entering a very stressful and 
busy time as Sight and Sound 
prepares to open their newest show,
Every time a new show is launched there
are definite birthing pains.
Jonah is no exception.
Anything worth doing takes large 
amounts of energy and dedication.
This is going to be a very special show.
I can't wait!!
Chelsea and I are counting down to the Premiere!!
Warren is too but in a different

This is the family roundup.
After spending time with family over
New Years and then hitting this 
week with both legs in run mode
I am amazed to find us at Friday already.
What a week!


Anonymous said...

It sounds as though most of your ducks are in a row .. most everything is going well. I would love to attend one of the Sight and Sound shows. Perhaps this year will be the year. By the way what is Warren's job in regards to Sight and Sound?

Vee said...

Crazy busy you are! I had hoped that there might be a lull, you know an hour and ten minutes that you could call your own. Praying for everyone...I have a niece who could use prayer with the job situation, too. So many tugs on these kids and not as many opportunities as in the past.

Little furry rodents in the house? Ackkkk...=)

Mrs.Rabe said...

You have been busy! We need to do lunch - what does today look like for you? Maybe Caruso's?


Julia Badgley said...

I'd love to see a picture of your space at Cape Cod Crafters.
Seems like everything is just beyond busy at your house!

LV said...

Sounds like you and family are starting off the New Year in a great way. That is wonderful and trust it continues throughout the year.

Tricia said...

Sounds like you are going in the right direction with your candles. Awesome to have stores 'wanting' you lol. Busy family, busy life is always good. And Jonah, I would absolutely love to see.

Elena said...

That is so wonderful to hear about your candle business expanding and doing so well and to hear how your family is doing!

Theresa said...

My Goodness, you made me tired:) Staying busy is a great thing and it sounds like you are certainly staying busy! Hope all goes well for ALL of your children, they are a blessing to all of the folks around them! HUGS!

ZudaGay said...

Sounds like things are right on target for your family. Will pray that Mikey will get the job! :) Many blessings to you and yours as these exciting things unfold this new year.

Cheryl said...

God and his greatness shines through in everything if you just look... sounds like you've got your eyes wide open :-)
big hug,

Karen said...

I am so glad to hear Chelsea is continuing to do well. Lots of answered prayer!

Sounds like Cape Cod Crafters is a great intermediate step for your business...a store front without having to do the whole thing. It's great your candles are going to be in other places, too. How exciting!

Praying God will provide the perfect job for Mikey. As for the rodents-you're a way nicer mom than I am.