Monday, January 30, 2012

Twitter Anyone?

As I mentioned in an earlier post
my friend, Nigel, is building a web site 
for Good Neighbors Candle Co.

He has decided that I should have a Twitter
account ticking away on the right hand side of
the header.


That's probably fine.
I'm sure it is a great idea.

But, I'm going to have to learn about this
particular form of chatter.

Should be easy as I seem to think 
in short spurts anyway.

But what is up with those signs and symbols?
I have no idea of the proper way 
to use them. 
What if I accidentally say something
I didn't intend to?

It so totally 
could, and likely will, happen.

Bear with me.

If you are on Twitter
you can follow me.

As if you wanted more information and
details about my days.
Good grief!

But, here we go.

On to Twitter.
Maybe I'll be the next Ashton Kutcher
and have millions of
But, hey if Nigel says it will help my 
web site...I'm there!
He's very sharp
about things such as these.
@beckypfa ~ signing off.


Marydon said...

Best of luck ... every possible turn you make will give you exposure, Becky.
Have a great week.

Theresa said...

Not a twitterer:) Hope it helps you with your web site! Enjoy your evening, HUGS!

Vee said...

Off you go! Twitter and Facebook are two places I do not wish to be so I hope that you'll continue your updates here, too. Only getting a little nervous...

Debby said...

I'm so glad that your daughter is doing better with her illness and excellent in her accompishments. Some people never make it out of that terrible you know that she is strong to do that.
I just heard that the starts get paid some outragious amount of money for each time they tweet. Wonder where that money comes from.
Go ahead a be a proud mama.