Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Proud Mommy Moment

Indulge me, 
will you?
We have three amazing children.
Young people now, really.

The one I talk most about 
is the one I spend the most time
with....that girl of mine.

Chelsea has gone through 
two years that have been the hardest
in her life and in ours.
Anorexia was the enemy.
It was awful!

There is no other way to put it.
Anorexia sneaks in and hijacks
relationships, lifestyles and happiness.
Well, it tries to do that.
Sometimes the people involved are
stubborn enough to resist.

We are pretty stubborn.

But even so
we endured a very hard and 
very stressful couple of years.

But, the one who had it the 
hardest was Chelsea.
She had to learn to eat again.
She had to learn to accept the body
that her DNA and Creator
provided her.

Chelsea had to learn to fill the 
emotional needs for love and acceptance
with her Heavenly Father.
To look outward and reach to minister to others.

She endured being let go from a job 
because they thought she was not 
outgoing and confident enough
to handle a Summer Ice Cream rush.

Can I insert here that upon 
receipt of her driver's license this 
was one of the first places she drove
by herself just to say hello
and show how strong and outgoing
she has become.

While I wanted to send a scathing 
letter to that former employer telling 
them what I thought of their heartless
treatment of my girl she said no.
A year later she handled it herself 
in a way that set it all right
and left her on good footing with that 
former manager.


Chelsea has a wonderful employer and
managers at Sight and Sound Theater.
Interestingly they have her on one of the
busiest registers and tell her all the time 
that she does
a wonderful job.
They recently asked her to work
more hours and increased her pay.
Confidence problem?
Bad employee?
I don't think so.

I have a lot I could say...
but suffice it to say that yelling and 
screaming at teenagers does not build 
their confidence.
Her former employer could take lessons
from Sight and Sound!!

The formal treatment for Anorexia is done.
Chelsea has reached her healthy weight
and more importantly has had a change of 
thought processes.

Our girl is well.

But it was an internal and spiritual change.
One that she expressed so well on an 
application for YWAM.
Yes, that is in the works.
In a little over a year our little 
girl will, Lord willing, be on a plane
headed to Australia.
She will go to Descipleship Training School
there and then off to Cambodia or Thailand
for her mission trip.
Working with girls and women
who have been rescued from slavery.
She will be gone from here
at least 5 months.

God has lit a fire in the heart of our
Chelsea.  She is reading, studying and learning
so much about missions, the world
and its conditions.

The contrast to our lives of one year 
ago today is amazing.

I am so very thankful!
And....as I told Chelsea yesterday...
I wouldn't trade her for ANYONE!
She is a gem.
Made by God to be just 
who she is.
With experiences that will shape
her future.
And which provide her with 
compassion and understanding
beyond her years.

As for me....
there are bottles of hair color that 
can restore that which I have lost.

I'll be forever thankful 
that we did not lose our daughter
physically to death,
or in relationship,
during these hard times.

Praise God for His 
grace and mercy
in our lives.

We are blessed!


jAne said...

tears. joyful tears.
this post touches me so deeply, dear friend. the Lord has gathered up your precious Chelsea and is helping her to soar!!!

with love,

Carol said...

I'm so happy to hear that Chelsea is doing well. Praise the Lord!

Smiles & hugs,

Mrs.Rabe said...

Thankful along with you!


Marydon said...

What a beautiful write, Becky. You can ALL be very proud of what has been accomplished ... TOGETHER!

What church is she going on the mission with? This is wonderful she will have this experience.

Have a beautiful day,

Vee said...

You say it so very well, Becky. How thrilled I am that Chelsea is blooming before your very eyes into all that God has for her. We know that it is going to be good and she will be prepared for helping others in the same way that she has been helped. Many blessings to you all...

(Isn't it wonderful when the children have more insight and wisdom than the parent? That has happened a few times to me as well and it makes my heart swell. Still, I do think that my daughter gets a kick out of my wishing to punch out a few lights or she wouldn't tell me so much. ;> )

Becky K. said...

Youth with a Mission (YWAM.org) is the group Chelsea will be with. God has placed Australia on Chelsea's heart and she has searched for opportunities there. We tested her hard to see what her motives were and are convinced that she is being called to this. We continue to pray that if this is not the case the doors close...but at this point they are open very, very wide.

stefanie said...

wht a wonderful post!!!!! what an amazing girl!!!!

Anonymous said...


God works in His time, not ours. I was feeling badly for myself one day about the side effects of prednisone & suddenly it hit me. I may abhore prednisone but it gives me life. I slowly, let me say a turtle moves faster on a stubborn day, slooooowly embraced the drug. I realized I had to have it to breath properly and to control inflammation in my body. Bad part, it adds weight to anyone who takes it and distributes a fat circle around your waste affectionately known as the "tire side effect".

I want to live. PERIOD. so I take it. Sometimes I hate what it does but I love it is available. Do I feel pretty on it? I didn't until one day my husband said "I'd rather see a little more of you today than mourn you tomorrow"

God spoke through my husband & changed my entire view of the drug. You could say prednisone was my anorexia and I had to make peace with it before I could embrace and change from it.

Chelsea, I'm so proud of you. Every day is a day to recover. Start, fill and end each day with God. I'm 25 years sober. You can do it. Hugs to you and to you wonderful mamma who is ridiculously proud of you.

Susy said...

This is a testament of the strength and character if your household Becky, and of God's faithfulness. I was reading, just yesterday, something written by John Dawson to the YWAM leadership. Chelsea's future is in good hands. xo

Vickie said...

So proud of your daughter, Becky! She has come a long way in these last two years - overcome a disease and has grown closer to God. She has grown up. It's time for her to fly and be the Godly woman that the Lord has called her to be. I know you'll miss her but she's going to learn and grow SO much while she's gone. Not only that, it gives our kids such a great "world view" of things that we may never realize. They can think more about a big picture - a worldly vision, think outside our little box. She can achieve great things! I applaud Chelsea and how she's handled herself.

I see mature grown-up things in my kids, too, and it's always a delight!!! (I could have punched a few lights out myself, too!)

Debby said...

I commented on the older post but meant to on this one.

Theresa said...

Awesome story of good health and happiness! I would have been tempted to jump in and say not-so-nice things to the former employer too! Sounds like she handled it in God's way! I can't wait to see what the future holds for your precious Daughter! God has plans for her! Have a blessed day dear Becky, HUGS!

ZudaGay said...

One of the hardest and most selfless things I've done is let my girl go far away to minister to children in another country. God gives mommies strength to do what mommies must....let those children soar for Him. :) Many blessings to you both.

Elena said...

What an awesome post. It warms my heart clear down to my toes. I have had friends in YWAM and I am so impressed with this organization and know that many wonderful things are in store for Chelsea!

Amylee said...

Thank you for sharing. I am so happy Chelsea is well again. Our God is an Awesome God and all things are possible through him. I pray she will help others and continue her faith in the Lord!
Blessings to all of you!

Sue Runyon said...

God Bless Chelsea!

Angels and Everlastings said...

WOW! that was touching -- did anyone not cry!

Julia Badgley said...

How wonderful to read. I love to see how proud you are of your resilient, gracious and spiritual daughter. I'm sure she treasures having this written down for her.

kara&jack's mom said...

Chelsea always was and continues to be an amazing young lady! She has overcome so much already in her life and it is a joy to see her confidence, strength and enthusiasm for life! My best friend's daughter just completed her YWAM training in Nashville and is now in Nepal on her missions trip. What an awesome opportunity! We will pray that, if God's will, all doors will open for Chelsea as she takes the next step in her life journey.

myeuropeantouch said...

Becky, truly a blessing....it touched me so deeply. You are so, so blessed by God and that is wonderful. I am glad you shared this blessing because people need to know about our awesome God.
Much love♥

Crafty Mommas said...

I just love you both so much! Made me cry to read this. What an awesome example of mother/daughter you 2 are to me. I pray that I have what you two have with my girls :-)


MYSAVIOR said...

Oh Becky♥ You are all so blessed♥


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

What a testimony! We have a similar story with our son Michael who is now 13. Lots of physical and emotional trials to endure but we had initially prayed for him before he was concieved so who better to lead his life than his Creator? And the Lord has done just that. I have a few more years but know soon he too, like Chelsea will be going off on missions and my heart will break ....in a good way! Thank you for sharing your life!

v+s+m+i+a+c said...

What a great mama you are to honor your girl! Praise God for healing!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like God has wonderful things in store for Chelsea.

Cherished.Wife said...

Wow ~ Glory, honor, and praise to the Most High God, the Great Healer.

Anonymous said...

What a remarkable transition in only one year! She is a walking testimony to God's love for us. God bless your family and thank you for sharing this!

sammysgrammy said...

just want to sing "victory in Jesus"

Gayla said...

I am so glad to hear this. Struggles can weigh us down, but we feel so light when they have lifted!