Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kennett a Destination

Most of the time when I think
of Kennett Square
I think of 
Longwood Gardens.

That has been our reason 
to head that way.

on January 6th that changed.
Mom, Georgia, Chelsea and I 
went to the historic town of Kennett Square
to poke around and see what we could see.

It was a perfect day with clear blue
skies and weather that was definitely
more Springlike than Winter.

We began our tour at the most convenient
restroom facilities we could find....
The Public Library.
And as we were seeking information
about a Farmer's Market to be set up 
that afternoon it seemed the perfect
place to gather those tidbits as well.

Then we were on the hunt for a 
lunch location.
We decided to try a brand new restaurant.
A Mediterranean Bistro.

I enjoyed a sandwich with 
steak, olives and cheese.
It was scrumptious.
We were fascinated by the fact 
that we were never asked for a 
drink order. 
They simply serve water 
and that!

After lunch we explored shops 
along the way.
What fun.
Everything from high end clothing stores
to jewelers line the way.

We poked into the most eclectic ones
we could find.
The General Store was certainly not 
what we were expecting.
It turns out the General Store is a compilation
of donations benefiting those with 
Traumatic Brain Injury.
The man who runs the store was a priest 
in Philadelphia who was attacked and 
has suffered a brain injury.
Nothing is priced...
it is all by donation.
He was our favorite "person of the day".
He offered us advice and information
on many of the places in his town.

He insisted we visit the French Bakery
while we were there.
He was so right....
it was the last place we visited that 
day and it was just perfect to 
seal a wonderful afternoon.
I enjoyed a puff pastry 
filled with a chocolate cream.

I loved that while in the Bakery
we noticed that they serve soup from the Bistro
and other items from the neighboring shops.

You definitely get the sense of community 
in Kennett Square.
It is a town where they all work 
and play together.

Our favorite shop, 
by far, 
was Mrs. Robinson's Tea Shop.

An old fashioned store where tins
of teas line both walls front to back.
More than 150 varieties.
Full strength on the left 
Decaf on the right.

In the middle sat a table with 
four pots of brewed tea for your
tasting pleasure.

We did test and enjoy.
Then we bought.
Of course.

This was the only shop that 
caused us to return for a second
visit on that day.
We decided that a gift for Mrs. Rabe
was in order in congratulations on their 
new Shop Owner Status.
She loves tea.
Sadly, in her preferred brand they only
had he'll be reordering
and Deanna said it will be wonderful to 
have on hand for guests who are partial 
to decaf.

I had some time to sit and enjoy the 
view in this store dedicated to mushrooms
while Mom and Georgia went downstairs
to a consignment store.

You see, Chester County, is famous for its
mushroom production.
You only have to be a few miles into Chester
County before you smell it.
Not a very pleasant odor, 
I admit.
But unique to the mushrooms.
And so as you tour Kennett Square
you will find much about Mushrooms.

There was a small mushroom museum 
inside this shop....

The Farmer's Market ended up being a bit small
but the produce found there was gorgeous.

We were very happy campers.

We returned home tired 
but satisfied and vowing 
to do that trip again!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I must go again sometime when the weather is warmer. Tim and I went last year on our anniversary and it was freezing...we had fun but it was so cold and blustery!

I need to check out that tea shop!


Theresa said...

What a wonderful trip! It looks like you ladies had a great day, wish I was there with you all! Hope you have a blessed day, HUGS!

Vee said...

You have the best places! I would have very much enjoyed each and every place you visited. You gals do know how to have fun!

Anonymous said...

A fabulous trip indeed! I love the feeling small towns create. Most hold on for dear life not to let the city or the ways of a city to enter. I love that tenacity! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Hugs.

HAVING A GIVEAWAY - come by and put your name in!

Jean Tuthill said...

I would love to go there and to the Gardens someday. I've always wanted to. Thanks for sharing and the little tour. Sounds like you all had a great time!

Elena said...

Wow, that sounds like a great day!

JD said...

That sounds like a great visit, and so close to us...We have been to Longwood gardens (as you know, LOL) many times, but never stopped at any of the locations near by...Must make a day trip of this...thank you so much for sharing...

JD said...

Becky, I sent this link to my husband, and He definitely bookmarked this post...He used to work in this area and would love to go see how it has changed, He thought everything you showed in your post looked interesting.

Bee said...

Emily says she knows these places! She's passed them several times on the way to everyone's favorite Mexican restaurant. Next time check out the Mexican place, La Pena! Also a great eat is Talula's Table very good cheese shop! Emily got some Christmas gifts from there. Yummy...