Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Virginia...Day Two!

While our two days in Virginia
did not go as we had planned
it was fine.  

We had so much fun together!!
After the mud fest of Friday Night we had
planned to hang out together and 
enjoy a local mall, 
some lunch, 
a trip to a photo shoot...
more about that in a minute,
and then head on home.

But as the day went on and there
was no more rain
Chelsea decided that if we were willing
she would love to see a group 
playing at 7:15 pm.

We had purchased the tickets and
we figured conditions had to be improved
at the concert site so we did all of the 

The Mall that we went to was massive
and apparently thriving.
We only saw one store that was empty.
Contrasting that to the ghost town mall
we went to in Florida. 
That was just strange.

Lunch was interesting in that Red Lobster
is featuring their All you can eat Shrimp special
and so while Warren and Jonathan went there
Chelsea and I went next door to the Macaroni Grill.
Much more our style.
We met up again, hunger satisfied
and plugged the address for a local park
into the GPS.
Here are some of the pictures Jonathan and
Chelsea took as they explored.
They had to stay off the grass as there were
signs about chiggers....ewww.

Then we headed for the next planned stop.
You see, out in the countryside,
on the way to the festival we kept passing 
this phone booth.

As avid Dr. Who fans Jonathan and Chelsea
insisted on having their photos taken with it.

 The phone booth was in front of a British Grocery 
and Tea Room.

As we pulled in the owner was leaving for the day.
She apologized...in her British accent that she was 
closed for the day.
I asked if I could take photos of the shop and the 
phone booth.  She looked slightly confused but 
smiled and said that would be fine.
Too bad we missed the shop, though.
It looks so cute.


Then a moment of intense frustration.
The inability to actually stop and take real
photographs on that road that I told you about
in my last post.
I would see the perfect shot but there were cars behind
us and no room to pull off the road so I held
the camera out the window and snapped.
Not satisfactory....at all.

The very old stone walls made me sooooo happy!!

Not to mention that by the time I would see the 
"perfect" shot we were past it.  
Mere seconds was all it took.

Finally we arrived back at the concert grounds.
It had improved greatly but there was still plenty of 
mud to be found.
As Warren and I did not have tickets, 
and we had no desire to go into the concert area
anyway we wandered down to an open air chapel area near a pond.
Here we tried to make ourselves comfortable on 
wooden benches as we read and watched a group
of teenagers light a campfire with very wet wood....
but we were pleased to see that they were successful.
They burned up many marshmallows much to our 
 I didn't take photos of the young people
since I knew none of them.
The ones I did take of the area there
won't upload for some reason.

Jonathan came out to find us and said we stuck out 
like the parents we are.....
He had no trouble finding us at all.
Well, nice to know we didn't blend in 
with that crowd...LOL.
Perhaps the lack of mud was a clue...

Finally a happy daughter found her way back
to the car as the concert was winding up.
She had enjoyed herself immensely
and so our trip was nearly complete.
Now all we had to do was drive four
hours or so to our home....
through Washington DC
and then intense fog as we entered 

I found myself in one of those half asleep
half awake modes where my head kept
flopping front or back and I would 
snap awake each time the brakes were deployed.
I really dislike fighting sleep like that....
but I felt that I should at least try to stay awake
for Warren.
I doubt he would have minded if I had slept
and not panicked every couple of minutes.

We were able to wake up for church on Sunday.
Always a good thing when they are planning on you 
being there...
It was a good morning and then.....
Jonathan sprained his ankle and we
spent the next few hours at Urgent Care.
Thankfully it was just a sprain and he 
will heal.  It is turning colors and is 
very swollen but we see improvement
already so that is good.

Hope you have a wonderful day.
I have a friend coming to visit,
we'll take Chelsea to work
and then later we'll head out to 
enter brownies at the last local fair 
of the season.



Mrs.Rabe said...

Glad you had such a good time away...Virginia is so beautiful - I love it there.

How's Chelsea liking the job? I am sure she will do well with brownies!

Rachel is entering photos...


Vee said...

Thank you for the pictures of "the road." I think that I get a sense of its beauty even if it is blurry. It's impossible sometimes to get a great shop when one is moving down the highway and there are many places that are just not suitable for parking and getting out of the car. Did you try putting your camera on the sports setting? Sometimes that helps. Glad that Jonathan waited to get home before he sprained his ankle. Ouch!

It's all about the getting away, doing something different, and being together. So on those points, you all had a wonderful two days!

Bella Vista Cottage said...

Becky, Virginia is so beautiful...I have always loved it.

So glad you are having a great time. Love the part about going to two different restaurants....that's an idea!

I love that phone booth!!

Barb ♥

Elena said...

Sounds like a really fun trip. I loved all the pictures!

Theresa said...

YUMMMY! I love brownies:) Hope you all win! You all have the MOST fun together! I wish I could hang out with you guys! Beautiful countryside pictures! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Vickie said...

Now Becky - looks like you did get some good shots off along the road - I can tell Warren had no desire to stop for photo ops! haha! My trip pics along the highway look kinda like yours. You daughter is precious!
Beautiful countryside ya'll went through - I've never been to Virginia or the northeast states. That's a trip I plan on making in the next year or two. Can't wait!

By the way, my candles arrived yesterday! I'm thrilled with them - can't wait to start using them. I'm doing a bit of decorating for fall, so I'll show some pics soon! Thank you so much!!!

JD said...

Great pictures. Reminds me of some of our many trips to Virginia, It's my favorite state to visit. We've been in East, West, South and North Virginia.