Friday, September 2, 2011

Evidence and Good News!

For over a year someone at church
has turned this word Faith around every week.
Sometimes several times on a Sunday.
I would return it to its right direction and
wonder who I was "playing" with.

I figured it was a young person.

I was right!
But I had NOT guessed that it was 
this one......

She and I laughed so hard when 
this disclosure was made.
She had gotten such a thrill out of 
making me crazy.

I'm not a perfectionist but seeing 
that word turned around just made 
me "have to" fix it.
It is all the way at the back of our 
fellowship hall so I made countless
trips out of my way to turn this silly word 

I love this girl.

Then there is this new development.

Chelsea has been practicing at least two hours a 
day for months now.
Last night she brought the guitar to music 
practice.  She and Pastor Mike worked on
one song.....
many times over.
He was very patient and she got the hang 
of it.  It sounded great!
Then I joined them
on the piano.
Fun stuff....
Making music with my daughter.
I loved making music with my Dad.
I confess it was just a bit emotional.
Tiny tears popped into my eyes.
So...I blinked them away and enjoyed
the moment!

 I don't know when she will join the other youth
that play along with the music
but I'm thinking it won't be too long.
She is almost there.
All self taught from YouTube
and hours of practice.
Once she has a job she desperately wants to 
take lessons.

The man who gives lessons at our
local Christian Music store desperately 
would like to give her lessons.
We stopped in to have the guitar
restrung the other day and when he found
out her commitment to practice he was nearly 
begging us to take lessons.
He said he is lucky if his students
practice two hours in a whole week!

The really, really good news is that we were in Hershey
to see the nutritionist yesterday.
Chelsea is just three pounds away from the end of her
need to gain weight.  
Then she will begin her maintenance.
Its a long story and it has been such a hard journey
but yesterday on the way to Hershey I told 
Chelsea that I noticed a peace about her now
that wasn't there before.

She smiled and agreed.

I asked if it was the guitar
and the music?

She said that while it was a 
distraction and that was a good thing
that she "had to give the credit to God".

I know that this has been and continues to be
the hardest thing Chelsea has faced in her young
life.  But I am so thankful that she has learned that
He is her strength.  
He is the one who is changing her thought processes
and teaching her to be ok with the size and shape 
HE wants her to be.

As her nutritionist has said many times,
we are all healthy at different weights.
Chelsea is very close to her healthy weight.
The one that allows her body to function
without stress.and distress.

We are just past the one year mark
for treatment.
God has been faithful.

If you all want to keep us
in your prayers for these final three
pounds we would appreciate it.
While it doesn't sound like much to 
most of us, 
each one is still dreaded and the process
remains hard.

Then begins the learning how to maintain.
Her temptation will be to slip back.
But she will just have to learn how to 
stay where she needs to be.

Many hugs to those of you
who have faithfully kept us in your prayers.

Note:  This was shared with her permission.


Carol said...

Such great news for Chelsea! God is good!


Theresa said...

You GO Chelsea! I am proud of you! My Nephew Justin taught himself how to play the guitar and plays at Church when he is home! He doesn't read music BUT plays by ear! You keep at it Chelsea, I'll be praying for you! HUGS!

Vee said...

Psalm it!

You're such a good mommy. I'd have clobbered my daughter with that sign. Hahahahahha...

Buttercup said...

Hurray for Chelsea! Continuing prayers and good wishes.

Tracy's corner said...

Cont prayer for your dear girl. Congrats on being soo close to goal!

Karen said...

That stinker! But it is funny. What ever made her 'fess up? Or did you catch her?

Praying she will make her goal and that the maintenance will be easier after all she's gone through to make it there.

Becky K. said...

I'm not sure how the "confession" came about, but I can imagine I was sighing as I turned it around one more time and then saw a sparkle in her eye. It truly wasn't a big deal...just one of those things that you have to wonder..."why???".

Tracy said...

LOVE the yellow guitar... that is so exciting and fun! Your girl is a great one... congrats and all the best for her. :o) Happy Weekend, Becky ((HUGS))

Elena said...

That is so awesome! Your daughter is beautiful inside and out!

Vickie & Tony said...

It's touching to hear that Chelsea gives the credit to God. I'm proud of her with you Becky. She's a jewel of a daughter. None better. I hope she continues on her road to health and maintains her goals. Glad she got "into" guitar. My two boys play. She must love it - she wouldn't be practicing so long if she didn't.