Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Better Than Expected

A bit more than a week ago I celebrated
a birthday.  My husband decided that my gift
should be a large non-stick skillet similar to the one
we recently retired due to flaking Teflon.

I used this size pan several times a week and 
was at a loss for what to do without it....
although I think some here were just as 
happy the "one pan meals" quit happening.

Flash back to the Farm Show in January of this year.
Chelsea and I sat and watched a cooking demonstration
with "Waterless Cookware".
The demonstrator did an excellent job of showing
the product and had both Chelsea and I wanting 
the whole set....
until we saw the price.

Then we said....
"Well, someday I want that!"

I was so impressed that I came home and 
studied it farther.  Unusual for me...
I'm usually on to the next thing.

So, when we were looking for a new large
non-stick skillet I mentioned to Warren that 
I would be interested in comparing prices and 
sizes with this set.

Come to find out the prices were very competitive
with an anodized skillet but improved even more
if we bought the entire cookware set.
Note:  This was not through the company we saw
demonstrating at the Farm Show....sadly.
But, through an online distributor who is allowing
us to preview it before buying it.
The entire set of 7 ply Surgical Grade
stainless steel
cookware is $400.00.

I know that is a LOT of money.
Especially for us.
But, the skillets that we were even willing to 
consider were approaching $100 and weren't even
of the size and quality we were hoping for.

Some cash birthday gifts 
and money from candle sales have been
added to our "budgeted" amount 
and yippee....
we can do it!

This cookware saves money by cooking
very efficiently, offers more nutrition in the way that
it cooks and is so much fun in that I can cook on 
multiple levels at one time when I stack it!

There is no Teflon to flake and eat!
Chelsea's stir fry came out delicious and 
was a breeze to clean up.

As long as I remember to never
turn it up past medium
to medium high
we'll do great!
I'm sold!
And then there is this bonus....

Warren thought those egg poaching 
cups were useless....
But I showed him!
Tealight testers....
they are perfect!!


Vee said...

You've thought it through very carefully and made a decision. That is the proper way to make a purchase. I'm glad that you get to test the product also. Sounds great.

Now this is the way I buy pots and pans. I watch QVC late in the night when the fires are out and I say, "Wow. Look at those pots and pans. I need pots and pans. So what if I can't really afford pots and pans. I'll buy them because I really, really need them." Then I do and am so shocked when the big box arrives and there I am with all that cookware. How to justify it? Let's just say that my family...the whole bunch of them...were very surprised to receive an odd pot for Christmas. I did keep one and still have it and still like it a lot. Maybe I should have kept them all.

*~Niki~* said...

Glad you got it in the end, sounds like you are making great use of it. Blessings Niki x

Carol said...

Good things come to those who wait. Enjoy your new pots and pans!


ZudaGay said...

You just can't beat good pots and pans! I have a couple that I just love and wish I had other sizes. :) I take it that poached eggs are not part of the menu. hehe...

Bella Vista Cottage said...

Becky, nothing beats a great set of pots and pans especially if you do a lot of cooking.

I love mine.

Have a wonderful day.

Barb ♥

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love getting cookware that really works well!

Have fun cooking....

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday, belated, Becky! Your new cookware sounds amazing--such great specs! A few weeks ago we spent about nearly $80 on a really great new skillet. It was worth saving for and not sucombing to paying less for a lousy pan that would likely last a year if we were lucky. I love to cook too, so having a well-equipped kitchen is a plus. Happy Cooking with your new pots & pans! :o) ((HUGS))

MYSAVIOR said...

New and innovative cookware. Sounds wonderful. I think I would be poaching eggs in those cups since I used to have one of those pots but in cheap aluminum but loved the way the eggs came out. LOL


Sue Runyon said...

Have fun with your great new cookware and I know it will provide you with many nourishing and heartwarming meals to come.

tea time and roses said...

Happy belated Birthday dear Becky! I can imagine how much fun you will have with your new pots, they sound wonderful! I also love your idea for the tea light testing! One would never know they were not made exactly for them:o)

You and your family continue to enjoy a lovely week dear Becky.



Julia Badgley said...

Haha! I enjoy your humour, Becky:)
I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of your new cookware. It's funny how birthday gifts change as we get older.

Very Verdant said...

Haha! Tea light testers! How wonderful and happy birthday!

Crafty Mommas said...

hahahahaha, I love it! tea lights!! so glad you got a good set of pots! we bought our nice set when we bought our house and have gotten so much use out of it!!

Lizzi said...

You're hilarious. I love that you used everything :-) Yes, you showed him lol

Kelly said...

How clever!

sammysgrammy said...

it's such a blessing to receive more than you expected. (more than you could even ask or imagine)....