Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Such An Answer To Prayer

It may seem like a small thing
to those who aren't in the midst of it,
but having a dog in your home that doesn't 
fit and is truly altering the way the family 
operates is a problem.

That was little Mister for us.
He is a small dog with much potential
for loving and caring but his past has
left so many scars that he was not safe
around adolescent and teen boys.

We get a lot of those around here.
Really.  We do.
A lot.

So, we had a couple of incidents that
left us feeling absolutely terrible.

You may or may not remember that Mister 
was the dog of a friend who has cancer and 
who left the area to be with family in another state.
She had every intention of taking him with her 
but details at the airport made that impossible.

At one point we got close to flying him out 
to be with her but her health has continued to decline
so that became impossible as well.

We began to pray for an answer.
I was willing to take him to a shelter,
knowing that we had found our awesome dogs
there and hoping that they would somehow be
able to place him in a quiet home.
Warren was not willing for this to happen
due to his very legitimate concerns that he 
might not make it through the initial screening process.

So....we prayed.

And God began to write the story.

I spoke with my friend, Sue.
It was almost as an aside
but the last bit of the conversation led to 
asking her if she thought her daughter and her husband
might be interested in Mister.
This is the couple for whom I made the sapphire blue
punch cups as wedding favors.

When Christina and Mike
were here a couple of times through that process
they loved our dogs...and our dogs
loved them.  
So, it just seemed like a possibiliy,
however remote.
Next thing we knew there was a two hour 
visit and then a three day wait so they could
decide and really be sure about the commitment
they would be making.

Finally, the phone call came that they 
were willing to take Mister into 
their home....
although his name would have to change.
I totally understand that.
Unless you are looking to meet men
this is a terrible thing to have to call out
in public!
Been there, done that!

With mixed feelings we took Mister
to his new home last week.
We have gotten reports that he is doing very
very well.  His new family loves him and he
loves them.  He has totally fallen for both 
of them and is wrapping them around his 
tiny little tail.
I know how that can happen.
He really is a sweetheart if you are not
of the wrong demographic.

So....while it may seem small
to you...
It is a big, big thing in the lives of 
our family.
I rejoice daily,
not that he is gone,
for I do miss him...
 but that he is very, very happy!!

If God cares about the sparrow,
why wouldn't he care about Mister?

And if he cares about the sparrow and Mister, 
how much more does He care for You and Me?

Praise Him!!


*~Niki~* said...

Glad Mister has a lovely new home, God is so good. Blessings Niki x

Vee said...

What a touching end to this part of the story. What's the new name? (Having once had a cat named "Mister," I totally get the problems that can ensue with that name. ☺ )

Sue Runyon said...

So good of you to take care of Mistr and find him a great new home!

ZudaGay said...

I am SO happy for Mister that he has a happy home where he doesn't have to deal with teenage boys. hehe..our God does really care about our little things, doesn't He?

Crafty Mommas said...

so glad he found a good home

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Sweet story. Just a reminder that God cares for every detail of our lives.

MYSAVIOR said...

Ohhhhh Becky! I am feeling my heart grow after reading this. I am ecstatic that Mister is doing well. Do you know his new name? He is so adorable. God Bless his new owners and God Bless you and your family for watching out for him.
God is soooo good.


Vickie said...

God knows when a sparrow falls so I know He cares for the Misters in the world. I'm glad he found a new home, Becky. Such a relief for you I know...

Persuaded said...

I love hearing about "little" miracles like this. From personal experience I know how oppressive having a "bad fit" animal in the house can be... and the tremendous relief that comes when everything works out for the better. God is good☺

Angels and Everlastings said...

Thank God for providing for Mister and for your family to get back to normal.

Bella Vista Cottage said...

Becky, this is just precious. I am so happy Mister has a wonderful home. We do get attached to those little critters, don't we?

Happy day!
Barb ♥

Homemanager said...

Becky, growing up we had a number of stray animals that we enjoyed giving a home to. Each one was special in it's own little way and we have fond memories of them now. So glad that you prayed and the Lord directed. He really knows what is best. Glory to God!

Karen said...

So glad to hear the happy resolution for Mister!