Wednesday, September 14, 2011

She Got the Blue Ribbon!

So happy for my Chelsea.
She won the blue ribbon for those
brownies!  They are amazing...
and the woman in charge of this area
of the fair said that one judge was 
exceptionally impressed by the presentation.
That's my girl!

She also got a job today.
At a nearby theater.
You might be able to guess which one.

I think she will enjoy working there, 
although she had another job offer
that she turned down for this one....
and it paid more.  
She made sure she
pointed that out to me.
But, that one didn't have her 
Grandma, Dad and 
best friends working there.

This will be much better.
I'm pretty sure.

Heaven help me if I am
wrong...those teenage eyes
do know how to roll!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Yeah for Chelsea on both things!

Vickie said...

I knew she would! Congrats to Chelsea on her blue ribbon and her new job -

Now I just wanna know one thing...

WHO gets to eat the brownies???

Gayla said...

You go, girl! Tell Chelsea we are happy for her!

Ruth said...


Vee said...

She did?! Wonderful!! I'm truly not surprised. They looked amazing. Can't wait until the competitions are done so she can share the recipe.

And congrats to her for landing the job at the theater. Very cool.

Karen said...

Congratulations Chelsea! Great job!

I agree that the presentation looked very nice.

I hope she will enjoy her new job. Having friends to work with is always nice.

Beth said...

Yay to Chelsea! I have been strolling through your last few posts and enjoying a little bit of quiet time alone (a rare thing these days...). I just thought I would give you a little snicker...I noticed Chelsea's sweat shirt on your camping blog and then noticed it again on an earlier blog. That is where I could really read what it said..."Love Movement"...

Earlier on your camping story, I thought it was a little unusual for your daughter to be wearing the shirt. "Hmmm..." said to myself. "Well, at least she is honest."
You see....I thought her shirt said, "Love Love Men." Haha!!!! I guess there is time for that! And I think she will be quite satisfied with just ONE man...her husband when that time comes, right?? Haha!! Just thought I'd give you a laugh!!
I hope I didn't offend! Just thought it was quite funny today!!
Blessings, Beth

Melissa G. said...

Yesh for the blue ribbon!!! And for a job! That is great!
If you post the recipe i'll definatly be making them. yummm! Or mabye Chelsea will open a shop and we can order these online! =)

Gwendolyn said...

Congratulations to Chelsea! Judging by the looks of those Brownies in your last post...I'd say they look scrumptious! Trust her job at the theater goes well for her!

Elena said...

Congratulations to Chelsea on her blue ribbon and her job! Awesome!