Monday, September 19, 2011

So Thankful!

Last week was tough!
It was the week that our homeschool
co-op started back up...
without us! (Gasp!)
It was a week of self pity
for friendships "lost" and a change
in our daily routine around here.

I love teaching.
I miss teaching my children and others.
However, I am moving into a new stage
in life and unfortunately I am not always
headed there gracefully.
Add hot flashes and cyst pain to the mix
and it would be no wonder if all my friends 
ran for the hills.

However, that is not what happened.

One friend "Facebooked" that we should 
go out for dinner next week...YES!
Our friend, Melissa, joined us for
coffee night at Starbucks....
Another blessed me through a facebook
chat....One who lives in a faraway state is 
coming into town and has asked if we can get together.
Two at church asked yesterday about us getting 
God blessed me with an afternoon
and part of an evening with my friend,
Kelly, whom I have dearly missed
as our time together has been scarce.

Ummmm....and I was mourning friends?
What a dolt I am!!

Well, certainly there are some that I just won't
have opportunity to see weekly as I was 
used to....but I am certainly not without friends.

God has blessed me, richly, with a boatload 
of dear women in my life.

I count you among them, 
unless of course you happen to be 
my Uncle Chuck or husband, Warren....
perhaps my son, Jonathan.  
Those are the men I know read here.....
I wouldn't call you women.
I would count you among my friends
though, Uncle, Son and Hubby.

It is tempting to see these times of change
as the enemy....
but I hope to find this time as one of 
stretching and learning new things.
Cultivating deeper friendships.


Carol said...

You have a great attitude about new situations in your life. You're blessed to have friends who what to share time with you.

Have a great day!

Smiles & Hugs,

Vee said...

Certainly, some of the annoyances of life can creep in and rob us of joy. Hot flashes can be mighty big annoyances so I don't mean to trivialize at all. So glad that you have been able to look at this in a different way. You sound like a very social gal to me! ☺

Vickie said...

Good morning Becky!

I know what you mean. My mom always told me during my kids' high school/college years that one day when they were out of the house, that we would get to have more time with our friends and each other again. It's TRUE! Tony and I are having the times of our lives right now. We have some special friends that have hung with us through thick and thin and I thank God for them daily. But we are beginning to have more fun with old and new friends, too.

Your buddies are all right there, too, you'll just have to make special times to be together! See, they all feel the same way!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I maybe crazy but I like change, it means a new season, a new focus, sometimes new friendships!

Whenever you get lonely, give me a call - we'll go to tea! Yes, I think we really should! Are you lonely yet? I think you are...better call me!


Becky K. said...

Tea? Did you say tea? Yep! Thinking I'm feeling pretty lonely. When do you want to go????

Theresa said...

Change is good sometimes but just not comfortable! Sounds like your attitude is to be rewarded:) BIG HUGS from your Georgia friend who will join you for tea someday!