Friday, September 9, 2011

Canine Blogger

 Good Morning.
The Mommy human asked me to wake up 
and blog for her while she puts her 
vacation post together.

 Frankly, I don't know why she would 
trouble me for this job, 
but as long as I am here I guess I'll 
do it.
Mmmmm......this sure is a comfy place 
to sleep.  I hate to even think of getting up.
So I don't think I will.

 Let me share, instead, about an issue I have.
You see, I am a "licker".
I love to lick the furniture.
This pillow tastes awesome.
It is Grandma Ruth's.  
She happened to leave it on the sofa in the 
cabin after she slept there one night.
I found it and enjoyed it soooooo much!

It was great for sleeping on too.
Mom must have gotten this photo 
when I wasn't paying attention.

 And this one too.
Good grief!
Doesn't she have anything better to do?

Hey!  Not so close!
Wow!  I am getting gray.
Maybe Mom's friend, Jenny, would help me out!
A little highlight here 
another there.....

 Oh!  Are you still here?

Well, I do hope you'll have a great day.
Mom is going to work on that post when 
she gets back from a birthday breakfast
and gets caught up on unpacking and 
shipping some candle orders.
I believe her.
Some of the photos are so much fun!
In the meanwhile.....

I am going to reminisce about how 
amazing this pillow tasted.

See you later!


Vee said...

Molly here. I know all about lickers, Sweetie. You should stop licking that pillow asap because it makes your humans go "ewwwww." Well, anyway, it makes my humans go "ewwww" plus my mama has to do lots of extra laundry. This keeps me from getting all the snacks I like. Work on it and I will, too. Do not substitute a foot, though!

Carol said...

Looking forward to seeing your vacation pictures!


Mrs.Rabe said...


Chloe you were my favorite! No, I just don't know....

Phyllis said...

I laughed and laughed at this post. Thanks for good laugh.

Vickie & Tony said...

Chloe, I'm a licker, too. I'm Vickie's Chih. "Bug". I look just like you but I'm tan. My mom says "ewww" but I keep doing it. I don't I'm gonna quit at this late stage of the game. My mom will just have to keep washing... It does look like a really nice pillow for snoozing!

MYSAVIOR said...

I LOVE this post! Thank you for the smiles.


Elena said...

What a funny post! Your little dog is so cute and so funny:)