Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Got My Deer!! Or... He Got Me!!

While it is true that I passed Hunter's Safety as a teen I did not shoot this
deer.  I've never shot one and never hope to.
I come from a family of hunters and don't have issues with it at all.
Just don't want to be the one out there doing it myself.
However, someone shot AT this one just as dusk was settling 
in with rain and fog last evening and it came running into the 
road and directly into the driver's side of my van.

Warren has the gross photos.  I chose to just focus on this guy's
beauty.  He was a great buck.  I'm so sorry he lost his life in this way.

Here's the damage.
It was more caved in until Warren pulled it out 
so that it wasn't rubbing against the tire.
I wasn't sure I would be able to drive it home.

 I didn't see the deer coming.
So I was so shocked when I heard and felt the huge impact.
My heart was beating so hard!
But I did manage to stay calm so that was good.

Crazy thing was I had just come from the Chiropractor where I had 
gotten a much needed adjustment.
I'll be going back soon because I was so tense
I probably undid all the good things....

It took me a bit to get turned around and back to the scene.
In that time others had dealt with getting it off the road and had claimed
it for the meat or the rack.  I'm honestly not sure which but at least 
it isn't going completely to waste.

I hope to never have that experience again but was relieved that on the police report
the "other driver" is listed as deer.
No humans were hurt.
And that means EVERYTHING!!

When one stops to think what could have happened in that dark stormy 
weather with wet roads, heavy traffic and tons of fog
I consider that a blessing.
And that the deer hit where it did and not my window.
That would have been a completely different story.

I saw what that looks like when I was a dental assistant 
and we had a patient who suffered immensely after a deer came through her
windshield.  She was still removing glass from her skin a long time after.
And she had become addicted to the pain meds.
It is something I will never forget and therefore am so very 
thankful for how this particular event went down.

It was just another reminder to me that we never know what can happen 
in any given moment.
Some things are just not in our control.

Be careful out there, my Friends.

Ending with a bit of humor from the scene.

About 20 minutes after this happened a man showed up and introduced
himself as the farmer who, with hand sweeping said, "I'm the farmer
who owns ALL of this land.  We claimed another one that got hit
here recently."  The man who had claimed the deer stood up a bit
straighter and replied,
 "The deer wasn't on ALL of this land.
It was on the road!".

The tension was high in that moment
but the humor of that reply hit me this morning.


Vee said...

Why didn't you get to claim the deer? Not something you were interested in? I have heard that venison claimed like this is not very good, but that can be a tall tale. Something about adrenalin, etc. Anyway, I am so glad that you are able to tell the story. It had to have been scary. I had a dog hit my car running like that and it was scary so I know that a buck hitting the car would have been intense.

Karen said...

So glad you are ok! They are such a hazard, coming out of nowhere-it's scary.

I hit my first one in the past year. Hope never to have a repeat, although it was pretty minor as far as car/deer accidents go. (Mine ran off to terrorize another driver another day.)

It certainly is a reminder to be thankful for our blessings because life can change in an instant. I suppose that's a reminder I need sometimes. I just hope to be better about remembering it *without* something so frightening as the catalyst.