Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hi! And Bye! Quick Post on the run.

We need to get this sweet girl to a groomer.
But finding one and then getting her there 
this time of the year is just a bit more than I'm up to.

This morning I gave her a bath....
the photo above was not taken this morning.
She is quite a bit whiter now but still needs to go to get 
her paw fur trimmed, etc.
I have no idea what they do to make the fur fluffy and 
straight.  I'm actually envisioning a straightener of some sort
because when Molly came to us she was very fluffy and all of her 
now curly hair was straight. 
We have never had a dog that required this kind of care before
but our Molly is definitely worth it!!
She brings so much joy to our home.

Another thing that brings joy around here is music.
Three students were here today for four lessons.
Yep, you read that right.
First up was a piano lesson.
Then a voice lesson for one.
Then a voice lesson for two.
One person got two lessons.
And that wasn't a mistake.

This is making me pay more attention to the top of my 
piano.  Something I set up a long time ago and basically have forgotten about.
So this morning I lit the candle I poured into that holder some years ago.
Might as well enjoy it, right?

I started this post as I waited for supplies to be delivered so that I 
can make the final candles due for deliveries to go out Thursday and Friday.
Nearly as soon as I opened the page to write the doorbell rang 
and there were my tea light cups and fragrance oil.

So....I guess I'll be headed off to get to work.

Leaving you with a link to some of my voice student, Silas's, original music.
He is working so hard and I'm very pleased with him.
Just click on the photo above to enjoy two of his songs about winter.

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Vee said...

If this is a second comment, please disregard. Thought I left one yesterday, though the computer is skitzy as all get out. I enjoyed litstening to a bit of your student's work...very promising! Oh I loved getting Molly all decked out for Christmas at the groomer's. She'd come home with her nails polished and with ribbons in her hair and a pretty ribbon at her neck. It was great fun and like a gift you give yourself! You need a personal assistant, Becky!