Thursday, December 8, 2016

In The Final Weeks

I have really struggled with this candle season.  More than any other that I can remember.  I think it is simply that I'm still working my way back to strength from this past horrible summer.  At least I hope that is all it is.  I have hope because I recently became excited about making new candle designs for Spring and favors.  I'm also researching new retail locations in which to place the candles and I think if this slump were the real deal I wouldn't likely be doing that.

A leftover from the 2015 season.  I decided to enjoy it while I worked yesterday.

Perhaps once the stresses our family is enduring right now have passed my energy will return and I will get passionate about it once again.  But in the meanwhile I am slogging on.  Doing my best.  December 28th is a very important date for our family.  Your prayers are MUCH appreciated.

Tonight begins the first weekly rehearsal for our newly formed music team at church.  Our young people are fired up and willing to put in extra time to be fully prepared for worship on Sundays.  Normally we do a run through before everyone arrives on Sunday morning but this will take our preparedness to a whole new level.  That is sweet!!  Especially as we are adding new voices and instruments.

It is about to get very cold here!  It had to happen at some point.  I've been so happy to wear my flip flops off and on up until now.  I guess it will happen much less frequently now until late February or early March.  haha.  I love my flip flops!

Poor Molly got her foot caught in a crocheted afghan yesterday.  She cried and Bandit came running. She was jumping off my lap at the time so I was able to free her very quickly but she hobbled all day yesterday and spent the entire night on the recliner instead of sleeping with us.  This morning she is limping less but not very active.  I felt soooo badly for her.  Bandit must have turned the corner from adversary to friend because she stayed close to Molly yesterday.  They slept on the doggy bed in my workshop while I was there and then on  the couch head to head later in the day.

How are you doing with Christmas shopping?  Decorating?  I've barely begun.  But in a week or so I plan to give it an effort.  We have our lists and that makes things easier.  Warren has the Christmas decor down from the attic and waiting for us in the garage.  Initially the plan was to have the kids come and take what they wanted from it but so far that hasn't happened.  Maybe it will yet.....that would be great!

Today I'll be taking candles to the Lititz shop.  It was funny yesterday when the shop owner called and pre-sold a candle to a customer while I was on the phone with them.  Forcing me to make it and take it up there today.  But I don't mind.  She has a busy weekend coming up and I often stock weekly this time of the year.  I just shifted what I had planned to make yesterday afternoon.  For inquiring minds the scent is Christmas Tree.  Different from my normal balsam....this has higher notes that are bright and fresh.  It has been a real hit this year.  I'm considering making a complete switch but may just add it as an alternative to the signature scent.  Maybe one more year with both and  These are the crazy little details I bug my brain with.

O.k.  I need to go pour some bacon candles.  Yes, those were another request from my Lititz shop.  Definitely not my favorite but they make great gag gifts and so they sell.

Catch you soon.

Thanks for popping by!


Sherry said...

poor lil pooch .. hoping she'll be feeling better soon. thankful bandit is sticking close to the girlie. :)

the hubs and i aren't exchanging gifts so no shopping needed in that department. my parents will be taken care of today - - via online. i wrapped a couple empty boxes to adorn our tiny decor in the living room..

bacon candle..? hm.

Vee said...

December 28 ✅ Will put it on the tickler file, too. Prayers.

One thing is certain, everything that must get done will. I am a little further down the trail perhaps than you, but have had no candles to make. Bacon, eh?

Poor little glad that the pets have made friends.

Have a blessed day!

Deanna Rabe said...

Poor Molly. That is a cute photo of them sleeping on the couch.

You are very busy and you've had quite a year. So much has happened. I think stress is a huge factor here, as well as getting back to full strength health wise.

We've got you covered in prayer, friend!

Doris said...

December 28 is easy for me to wedding anniversary.
I'm praying now....will keep on praying!

Hope to get one of your candles one day....the Christmas scent you described sounds wonderful! Bacon....oh my :)