Monday, December 19, 2016

Moravian Love Feast

The town of Lititz is special.
From the beauty of the shops and homes
to the history found in the town itself.
The photos in this post are taken on the street as 
we walked to our destination.

One of the most historical sites is the Moravian church.

Warren's mother went to a Moravian church in York
all of her growing up years
and you may remember that we have attended the 
Christmas Services known as Love Feasts for many years.
While we haven't been to the church in York for several years
we have found the service in Lititz
 to be a fine substitute.
There are several differences but overall the feeling is the 
same and they do my favorite song so I'm good.
My favorite song is Morning Star.
It is sung antiphonally between children, the choir and the congregation.
We got a kick out of this Children's choir.  
Obviously some were quite bored.
They were so funny.
Wiggling, making faces and mussing up their hair.
But when it was time for them to sing they did quite well.

I am convinced that something funny happens
each year at this service, directly related to little old me.
This year was no exception. 
At the point in the service
where they were passing out the coffee and chocolate milk.
Warren handed  Mikey, Emily and I our mugs of milk but before he 
could get his own coffee the male server moved to the next row.
Warren cracked up giggling and didn't get the man's attention so I 
leaned forward and mentioned that Warren needed his coffee.
The server, with very dry humor,
 informed me that it wasn't going to happen.
Of course he popped back to us as soon as he was done at that row
and we were quietly amused.
Next thing you know we have enjoyed our Moravian coffee cake and
milk or coffee.
They returned to take our mugs back.
This time it was the man who had served the coffee and the 
woman who had served the coffee cakes.
As they took our mugs he told her that we were the trouble row.
We lost it ...quietly of course...for this is quite the 
solemn and serious worship event.

I'm sure he must have also been the usher the year I nearly dropped
the offering plate in the front of the church.
We were sitting right up front and I thought it would be a light
metal plate when instead it was very heavy real deal metal.
Near disaster!

You can dress me up....but....

Making friends wherever I go!

Speaking of that.
Late afternoon on Saturday Warren and I went to a surprise
25th anniversary party for some dear friends. 
Warren had been in their wedding.
We didn't know many of the others at the party but were perfectly
fine to enjoy our time together and then speak with 
our hosts.
Finally, as it was nearly time to leave we engaged in 
conversation with the couple at the next table.
We hit it off.
At least in our sense of humor 
and next thing we knew the 
entire room was wondering what had all four of us wiping tears because 
we were laughing so hard. 
I know, you want to know too.
But it would be too hard to recreate the conversation
that included leg climbing squirrels and flamingo mating season.
I'll leave it to your imagination.
Completely clean humor....
Hysterical, though.
It is way too fun when something like this happens.
Chemistry, I think they call it.

You would have thought that was enough for a day, right?
But no!
We went off to do some Christmas shopping and along the way
ran into some Amish friends at the Christian Bookstore.
I stood waiting for them to notice me after they were done 
at the check out.
He saw me first and his eyes got big but he was cool 
and waited for her to notice me.
He later said he was thinking, "This is going to be good!"
Well, it was a rather joyous greeting involving a hug and
much laughter which once again drew
the attention of all in earshot.
We chatted and chatted until we decided it just made sense 
to go for dinner.
Considering that Warren and I had just come from a party which involved 
food we weren't hungry but we did want our friends 
to get to eat
dinner and so we went.
And had second dinner.
Suffering for friendship, I tell ya!

As you may have gathered these have been full days
and you know we are under a bit of stress right now.
But God keeps providing friends, new and old, 
to give us a sense of peace, joy and laughter.

He is blessing us in this season.
Keep the prayers coming.
We need and appreciate every one!


Vee said...

Your story belies the quote that you can always tell when people are best friends because their laughter makes no sense at all to those around them. =D Praying for you folks and hoping for a good word at your next update.

Doris said...

One of my sisters attended that service in Lititz too.
I do love the town of Lititz!
This time of year is so special....crazy busy and I love it.
I'm still praying :) Blessings to you and your family!

Theresa said...

Praying for you and your family this morning! I pray that you have a truly blessed Christmas! BIG HUGS!