Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sweet Thanksgiving!

And it was great.

Allan and Bev came for Thanksgiving.
It happens every other year.
And this year they had much to share after their adventures
in Alaska.
Being caught up river in the wilderness after huge rains.
They were hours from being helicoptered out when 
their guides decided it was safe enough to float
down to civilization.
They brought pictures which were shown on Georgia's 
vintage home screen.

We ate a lot.
A lot of turkey, mashed potatoes and dressing.
The next day we ate a lot again.
Venison, Creamy Morel gravy and more mashed potatoes.
Allan is an amazing amateur chef!
I don't even care for venison or mushrooms and I 
very much enjoyed this meal.

All of our kids were able to join us on Thanksgiving Day.
We planned a later meal so that the couples could be with both 
families on the same day.

After we ate, Chelsea and Chadd gave 
Warren and I a Thanksgiving card.
That was unusual.
I opened it and read the card.
It was so nice.
There was a letter inside and so I read that....
It said such nice things about us as parents.
Then it said that we were going to be great
grandparents as well!

This is when I lost it in a huge scream!!
That brought the rest of the crew running to 
the sunroom where this was taking place.

I'm a grandma to an unseen speck.
I can't wait to see meet this wee one once he or she
has passed through speckdom to babyhood.

We are praying for a healthy pregnancy.
Can't take these things for granted.
These two have already quietly suffered one loss.
Feel free to pray with us.

Friday I volunteered to assist one of my shop owners
for her Grand Opening.
It was my job to run the photo booth.
It was surprisingly quite fun to take the photos of 
the shoppers who were willing.
So satisfying to get photos of mothers and daughters,
three generations, 
siblings and friends.
Of course I took the photos with their cameras so 
I don't have those pictures.

when Mom and Beverly came to pick me up
so we could do some shopping in quilt shops we took some 
photos of our own.

 I love the look on Mom's face.
She is a mischievous sort and this captures that about her.


I was so cold. 
Having been out there for a couple of hours....
but it was still so much fun!

We had a very fun afternoon.
A much needed break from candle making that has been 
happening around here.

I'll be working Christmas at Lime Valley from 9 am - Noon.
I always enjoy this show.
It is my third year to participate and it has been very good to me.

We are very blessed.
It is never boring but....
we are indeed blessed.


Vee said...

Oh you have me squealing, too! What a way to hide such news in the middle there! Well, just forget it, my friend, I am not thrown off the trail that easily. I really do read every word. You may have inherited that mischievous gene. Sounds as if your company helped make it an extra special Thanksgiving!

Linda Gross said...

I made a silent squeal! A baby....a grandchild, how exciting!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness-I am so excited for all of you!

We'll be praying for a healthy pregnancy-and baby!-here.

Love you!