Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hey There!

If every picture tells a story....
I wonder what one would make up about this one if they didn't know
the truth?

Here's the story as it really happened.
We had just watched the Sight and Sound Conservatory Class of 2016
graduate and stepped outside when I declared that we should 
get a "selfie".

To my surprise no one objected.
Although, Georgia did try to get out of it by offering to take a photo of the rest of us.
But we weren't having any of that!
So we all tried to shuffle into a spot...mostly in the back
which was where I would rather have been but I was holding the camera.
By the time we got everyone mostly in the frame I realized that the 
way I was holding my phone left me no options for pushing 
the button to take the picture.
Chadd to the rescue.
As we laughed at our predicament he reached up and pushed the button.
Teamwork, I tell ya!
And that there is the story.

Bet you thought it was going to be way more exciting, didn't you?
Well, it may not be a thrilling story it is still an important story.
One that says we are spending all the family time together we can squeeze in
right now and that we love each other dearly.

Earlier that day us gals of the family had gone out for lunch
at the Baker's Table.
I wish we had gotten a photo of us there but we were chattering
away so much that no one thought of it.
We had planned to go to a tea house but those plans 
were foiled when they were closed.
Oh well....we all really enjoy The Baker's Table.
I got fantastic quiche.
It is the same quiche that was served at our friends
 Lindsay and Joseph's
wedding reception a few years ago.
I've not forgotten it.
So melt in your mouth yummy!

This is what I did today..........

I made a bunch of these for a customer.
She chose the mugs,
I think she did a great job and those who will receive them 
will be thrilled.
Hot chocolate candles are fun to make once the marshmallows
are popped out of the mold.  
Back in the day when I made hundreds of these a year
my poor hands hurt so badly from pushing the 
hard rubber mold to release the marshmallows.
But they are soooo realistic that it is worth it.

The rest of this week is packed full of family, music, and candle stuff.
There are two friend events in the mix too.
Then...in theory...next week I can get ready for Christmas.
Here's hoping!!
Otherwise that day will be "awkward".

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Vee said...

Happy faces make a gal smile...

Love the mugs...adorable!