Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bring On April

Bring on sunshine.
Bring on leafy buds.
Bring on tulips and daffodils.
Bring on dry basements and houses put back in order.
Bring on the end of vertigo and the extinction of Anorexia flare ups.
Bring on the healing of abscesses and sore toes.
Bring on the added JOY of Easter!
Bring on a new workspace for me.

Welcome April.
We are so ready for you!!

Chelsea and I spent the morning together.
We enjoyed a new (to us) coffee shop
and then purchased some cement stain....for my new workspace
and some yellow paint for our upstairs bathroom.
I had procrastinated working on it because I hoped that
we would soon be able to just gut the thing and start over.
However, with the downstairs becoming a more urgent 
and expensive project I am going to just brighten it with 
paint, curtains and a soft throw rug and wait...again.
It isn't the end of the world and when the time is right
we shall get rid of the 70's touches.

We then went to Costco and ordered new tires for her car.
No doubt we should have done that before the long winter hit
but that made for a great reason for her to carpool
with her Grandma and Daddy
which eased my mind.
So...what can I say.

I love mornings spent with my girl.
She's pretty grown up now and it is much more like just 
being out with a very good friend.

We are not all healed up here yet.
 I continue to act as Warren's driver but this morning was his
best morning we are optimistic.
He had an MRI/MRA yesterday and we are awaiting those
results and praying for nothing to show up there.

We know prayers are going up
and are so very thankful.

Have a very blessed day.
I'm off to make quiche and candles.
Hopefully the two will not influence each other.
I don't think a quiche candle would be a top seller.


Vee said...

Oh I can only imagine how eager you are to get past this recent stretch! What a lot you all had on your respective plates! Here's to new beginnings and functioning basements and good reports!

Theresa said...

I love spending time with my Daughter too! Have a blessed days and praying for complete healing up there! HUGS!

Karen said...

Ha, ha! Your last line cracked me up!

I meant to click over on your last post to say: I am so glad you are blogging about all this stuff. Not glad you're having to deal with it all but glad you're blogging it so, when you arrive on the other side, you can clearly see how God worked in each circumstance.

Praying things continue to improve for all of you and your house.

Love you, friend!