Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Huge Sigh of Relief!

Today Warren, Georgia and I went to the Neurosurgeon to see what he thought about the Arachnoid Cysts on his brain.  It was presumed they were causing his symptoms of vertigo, eye changes and headaches.

The doctor is very sure that is not the case.  He is also convinced that the cysts have nothing to do with the tumor his father had.

We are so very thankful.  Having walked the long road with his father we know that God could just as well have allowed it to be a different outcome.  We also know that every day could be our last.  But in this case He offered us mercy.

Georgia did a happy dance in the waiting room, which was a beautiful sight to behold.  From the deep worries of what might have been to the release of all the stress.

Warren is being referred to another specialist.  One who will investigate the ongoing vertigo symptoms.  But for now that seems minor.

I just thought you might want to know.  :-)

Thank You, so much, for your concern and prayers for our family.


Terra said...

Good news thus far, and I hope more good news in the days ahead for your husband.

Vee said...

Oh such good news! Thank you for sharing it with us because you know, ahem, that some of us carry a bit of stress on behalf of our blogging buds. Love the thought of a dear mother doing a happy dance! Reminds me of Miriam praising The Lord!

Linda Gross said...

This is good news, Becky. I hope your journey finds more good news for Warren.

Karen said...

Oh, Becky, what fantastic news! You've made me cry!

You have been in our prayers and I was wondering when you'd have more answers.

Still praying for relief of Warren's other issues, but praising God that the cysts are not what you had feared.

Love you guys!

Theresa said...

Great news! I hope and pray that the doctors find what is going on and get him some relief! HUGS and PRAYERS coming your way!

Sherry said...

answer to prayer! {{{hug}}}