Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What a Week!

Feels like a theme.  Seriously.  But I told Warren that I think we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Maybe.  Hopefully.

One week ago today Warren's supervisor called me from work and told me that Warren was ill.
He was dizzy and vomiting.  Jim, a long time friend, sounded very serious and distressed.   I told him that I thought he should call 911 immediately.  He mentioned it to Warren who agreed.  And so I planned to meet them at the hospital.  However, since we had so recently had the stomach virus around here I thought perhaps the EMT's would get there and decide that he just needed to get home to bed and when I could hear them leaving our local ambulance base I knew it would be a while before they evaluated him and got him moved anyway so I headed to his work.

I arrived at Warren's office and when I saw him knew that he was very, very sick.  Mom had left her office and had gotten to Warren before I arrived.  I could see on her face that this was no stomach bug.  The First Responders worked with him.  They felt his heart looked good after checking it twice so the decision was made to just get him to the ER.

They packed him up and off we all went.  Poor Warren had sweated his shirt so bad that I could have wrung it out and so he wasn't wearing it as they went.  He told me later that he nearly froze in the ambulance.

Not having a siren or any way to clear traffic it took me a while to arrive at the hospital.  But after parking and hobbling in...yes, my foot is still a serious issue....I found that he had been given a room in the ER.  This is a big deal as there were many people in the hallways lying in beds.  Apparently this was a busy, busy day for them.  The doctor had already seen him and determined that his most likely diagnosis was vertigo.  Wow.  Not great but surely much better than the other options running through our heads.

The poor man was unable to do anything.  Opening his eyes made him ill.  Moving made him act on the illness.  They took him for a CT Scan.  Those results came back good.  Blood work was fine.  We were dealing with acute sudden onset Vertigo.

I've had vertigo.  Never like this.  Thankfully!  Wow.    My poor hubby and best friend.  This has been a very hard and long week.

He is slowly improving.  Even spending a few hours at work yesterday and today.  But I think it will be a while before he is back to normal.  Of course this troubles him with all of the work to be done downstairs...but that is probably what caused it in the first place.  He really pushed himself way beyond what was even possible.  I could see him wearing out and stressed.  Now he is forced to rest.

We hope to get some help here on Saturday to help move the basement contents to the garage so that the company that will come to put in a drain system in April will be able to work down there without ruining our things or banging into them as they dig and jackhammer the concrete all the way around the inside perimeter.

The rest of this week will be busy, busy with Change of Pace (me), running sound for a banquet (Warren), Home School Choir Rehearsals and Concert (me) and then the big move on Saturday.

There will be some hobbling and wobbling but we will get through it.  Believe me, we have been laughing so much around here.  I have teased the poor man mercilessly and he has ordered me to "stand down" when I get too concerned about him.  There is no one I would rather walk this road with.  He is amazing.

One of these days we will look back on March 2015 and see the Hand of God through every bit of it.

Blessings to you and yours.  Hoping you will remember these days for much more fun reasons.  But if you are also walking through hard times don't lose your sense of humor.  It is a life saver.


Vee said...

Becky, I can not believe all that your family has been through! Looks to me as if slewfoot tipped his hand. God trusts you a lot. That's because you're trusting Him so much. Looks as if this story goes right into April. Saying a prayer for Warren...that sounds like vertigo on steroids.

Debby said...

So true. You have to have a sense of humor esp. in stressful times.
I have had vertigo. The room spinning but it only last a short time. I can't imagine. My doctor actually referred me for therapy. Since mine wasn't ongoing, I didn't go.
My understanding is that there can be small stone like things in your ears that when they manipulate your neck and head these can dislodge and relieve you of the vertigo. I do know someone else that had this therapy. As strange as it may sound you might want to look into. Therapy is very expensive. I would check with your doctor if the vertigo doesn't go away and ask if insurance would cover it. Jut a thought I thought I would pass along.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

So sorry to hear about all the trials your family is going through. Praying you get a "lull" in this present storm. So glad you can keep your sense of humor through it all!