Thursday, April 30, 2015

A New and Quite Happy Discovery

For more than a year I have noted that a friend and her family go to a Chiropractic office right beside my dentist.  Happy reports on Facebook and glowing recommendations in person came back to me as Warren continued to be sick, sick, sick.  I felt that he simply must go to this Chiropractor to see if she could help him be less dizzy.

So, off he went.  He came home very positive.  He liked the office and the Doctor.  Pains disappeared very quickly.  Of course there is some discomfort with getting vertebrae and muscles to learn new things but he had really suffered with nerve pain in his arm and leg and it is gone!  The treatments have had no effect on his dizziness, sadly.  But because of his results I decided to stand up to my fear of Chiropractic and sign up as a patient.  It is incredible.

My neck has been a problem for me for years.  Pouring candles clearly agitates it.  Dr. Tai showed me why and is now in the process of opening up the compressed vertebrae.  A burning sensation in my left leg is nearly gone.  I had been terrified that I was going to be like my dad and have continuous neuropathy in my legs and feet.

But here's the big one.  Since I was 19 and had my wisdom teeth out I have had a jaw that cracks ridiculously when I open and close it.  It never occurred to me to mention it to Dr. Tai.  Yesterday she was in the middle of my adjustment.  She was at my feet, which seems to be how she determines what needs to be done.  All of a sudden she said, "Hmm, that's strange".  Then she came up and used her "clicker" on my jaw....once!  Immediately the pain that had been there all afternoon disappeared.
Remember....I never told her about the TMJ.  Later, while sitting in the waiting room waiting for Jonathan to finish up I opened my mouth.  No click.  Seriously?????   28 years of clicking solved in one second?  I sat there looking like a fish as I opened and closed over and over again.  Warren laughed and suggested I be careful....lest I click mid open and find my jaw stuck.  Haha.  The click is back this morning but I have hope that this is something that I can get permanent relief from.

Weird things happen, though.  Like Jonathan?  This was his first visit.   He has a herniated disc in his lower back and was supposed to have surgery when all the craziness broke out with the flooding, sickness, etc.  That forced it to be postponed.  Well, after just one adjustment he had NO pain in his leg last night....which used to be constant and severe.  BUT his pinky on one hand throbbed all night.  I think there is another adjustment to be made.  Haha.  We will have to continue to walk this new journey to get our bodies back on track to healing.  How cool would it be if he doesn't have to have surgery?????  I'm kind of hopeful.

The truth is that there are no quick fixes.  There is discomfort with this and it is often two steps forward and one step back.  Our bodies like to be aligned as they have been for years....but when you can see what is possible when things are where they are supposed to be it gives the hope and determination to continue.

I'm sure I am late to the party of chiropractic but at least I've arrived.  This is yet another positive thing to come from the Healthy Lifestyles class I took at our Ladies Bible Study.  We saw a chart there that showed how very important it is to have free passage for the nerves to every part of our body.  That stuck in my memory and helped me to get over my fear and into relief.

Don't you love how God weaves friends, teachers, influences into our lives to bring us to things that help us?  I can look back and see the various things that brought us here....when we needed it most.

Update on Warren:  He continues to have headaches and visual disturbances.  Seeing the ENT yesterday brought more questions than answers.  The doctor is concerned.  And so more tests are ordered and we will go forward with a consultation at Johns Hopkins next week.  Feel free to continue praying and we will keep you informed.  Warren can function like this but we can't imagine life where this is normal.

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Vee said...

Yes, ongoing prayers for Warren and family! John has had both great success and horrid failures with the chiroman. I don't know what to think. I believe it depends on the training that the doctor receives. I know that there is more to medicine than drugs. My neck has been giving me fits. I am not wearing a collar, but am wearing a scarf to keep it warm. It is much happier being warm.