Monday, April 27, 2015

Just Sharing This and That

We are nearing the end of April.  Can you believe it??  The temperatures certainly don't feel like we'll reach May during this week but it is beautiful nonetheless.  I think this may allow us to enjoy the flowering trees just a bit longer than usual.  Oh, they are so lovely!

We are continuing along.  The house is still a mess but I know that will begin to change over the next month or so.  There is just a lot of work to do downstairs before we can move back in.  We are determined to do things in an orderly way and not just throw it all back down there.  So, I'll keep my "blindfolds" on to deal with all of the extra "stuff" in my dining and living rooms.

A group of us from church went to see Chonda Pierce on Saturday evening.  She is a very special lady.  I hadn't seen her in person before and have to say that all of us walked away just wanting to be her friend.  She is so open and real.  Of course she is funny but she also ministered in a very real way as well.  We did feel sorry for the few men who brought their wives because it was so clearly material that women can enjoy and men...well, not as much.  ;-)

Last week I finally started a process that has needed to be done in my candle shop.  That of creating and listing Bridal favors.  I started with a small tin and will move on to jar candles soon.

Hoping these will catch on as successfully as the baby shower favors have.
I love making baby shower favors
 but am also excited about making a larger variety.
I'm easily bored.
Shame on me.

I'm also excited about some new fragrances.
Sweet Orange Chili Pepper
German Chocolate Cake
Pink Sugar Type
Fresh Cut Grass.

That's what I love about candle making.
There is always something!

Chelsea and I are going to spend most of this morning together.
We still like our mother/daughter time.
Hope that never ends even as she is growing up and has a life 
of her own.

Have a blessed day.


Vee said...

Your plan to take it slow and steady sounds good. It will get done one step (even baby step) at a time.

Oh I think an evening with Chonda Pierce would be a hoot. I think I have watched every video available on You Tube and have been blessed by them all. Her life has not been easy...mental illness and widowhood...she gives women hope from The Lord. How long a "program" does she do?

You may have gone on the wild side with those candle scents! LOL! Keep having fun...

Sherry said...

fresh cut grass scent. mmm