Friday, April 10, 2015

Our New Normal

I thought I would try to put the swirling thoughts in my head into words somehow.  As you know, if you have been reading along, the year of 2015 got off to a rough start for our family.  We hoped that we were through the worst of it but it seems there are more faith building opportunities ahead for us.

Warren's MRI revealed two cysts on the base of his brain.  We will see a surgeon on Tuesday to discuss treatment and I'm also submitting his written MRI report to Johns Hopkins to see if they would see him for a second opinion.  Because they are causing symptoms it looks like we have brain surgery in our future.  You know how when something is simple the phrase is, "Well, its not brain surgery!"?  Well, that has a whole new meaning for us these days.

We would probably be more naive and less concerned about the whole thing if we had not walked the journey of brain surgery and ultimate passing of his father from something originating in the same area of his brain.  Because of that history we will be much more diligent and cautious in how we proceed to make sure we are comfortable with the treatment plan and doctor behind the scalpel.

Please keep us in your prayers....and even more so Georgia, Warren's Mom.  This is so very hard on her.  My heart breaks for the sinking feeling she must have and all the places that she is likely to go with us that have such horrible memories.  We walked that road together and I'm thankful to have her with us on this journey.  We are thankful that Warren's cysts were caught early and are praying that there are no surprises when they get in there.

As far as the basement flooding situation is concerned....we are seeing progress in the trench digging. Four strong young men come for a "few" hours each day and make a LOT of noise and exhaust as they cut the cement floor and jackhammer out the concrete.  We have had our doors and windows open the last two days.  Shiver!  Even so our carbon monoxide detector went off on our upper level.  I walked out the front door, saw movement in their truck and went down to find all four of them in there.  I mentioned the detector going off and they said, "We know.  That's why we are out here."  Um, what about us????  So now I know that they aren't going to warn us if we are about to die.  Every man, woman, cat and dog for themselves.  Good grief.  Yesterday after they left I went down to find a hose running onto the floor, reflooding the basement.  Can anyone say...."You're fired???".  Chelsea has been practicing.  :-)  But I guess we will let them complete their mission and just try to survive them.  For the most part I think the wet saw cutting is done and that seems to be where the carbon monoxide was coming from.  There is a lot of work yet to be done down there and if we survive these guys it should all be worth it.

Backtracking to Monday, we had a wonderful day at Longwood Gardens.  Chelsea, Chadd, Mom and I got away.  It was a very beautiful day!  Chelsea and Chadd have been dating for four months now and wanted some photos so I was invited to be the photographer.  We got a few nice ones.

I asked Chadd if he wanted to kiss her on the cheek for this one.
He looked quite unsure but agreed.
Afterward he said he wasn't sure if it was a trick question.
Not a trick question but it is an adorable photo, right?

You know me....
I had to take photos of the beautiful flowers as well.
Not a lot blooming outside yet but I found what there was to find.

It looks like the dogwood trees should be opening nicely in the next week or so.  But for now there is so much to see in the Conservatory.

Catching us by surprise was the scope of the construction site happening in front of the Conservatory as they work to update and restore the Italian Garden and Fountain Area.

I don't know if you can tell from these photos how huge this is....
but wow.  Since we are used to seeing a very different sight when we 
walk out those front doors this really plays with your brain.

Today I will set up a table of candles for a Women's Conference happening tomorrow.
I've been busy trying make enough inventory for it.
Hoping for a fun and profitable day.
Fun being more important at this point.


Carol Z said...

Beautiful pictures. Warren is in my prayers daily. As someone who's had neurosurgery I know how life changes when you can start a sentence with the phrase "My neurosurgeon said..." Hopkins is a great place for information. If surgery is needed, it needs to be someone who does these operations all the time, and in neurosurgery the primary referral place in the country is Hopkins.

Vee said...

Oh how grateful you must both be for that vertigo that was the impetus to find the problem. Your tender heart for your mother-in-law touches my heart. Our minds do tend to gallop off on us and having walked a similar road in the past makes it all the more vivid. So very glad that you are going to "the best." Wise, wise decision.

All I have to say about that basement of yours is may it soon be back together. Those workers! Good heavens! You may have to be more firm...still kind, but firm!

Oh the flower photos are so beautiful! Chelsea and Chad are very cute together, too.

Theresa said...

I will be praying for Warren and all of you! I know it will be difficult for his Mom, I will be saying a special prayer for her! Loved those sweet pictures of Chelsea and Chadd! I know she loved them too! AND... those flowers are gorgeous! Have a blessed day dear friend! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

sherry said...

And sometimes life happens .. in a very large and profound way. Your post includes so many elements found in Ecclesiastes .. And while my heart goes out to your family and especially Warren, I know our Lord has this .. plural this .. in His hands. thankful to pray for your family, and healing on your husband. Longwood is such a special place. Winter's end and Spring begins. Adorable couple. :) hugging you from across the miles. And praying.

Linda Gross said...

I have been following what's been happening in your lives via Facebook. My heart feels heavy for all that you are going through. I pray for God's guidance as Warren is under the doctor / surgeon care. The photographs of Chadd and Chelsea are lovely, as are the flowers.

Mrs.Rabe said...

You know we are praying! We will be with you guys through it all.

Chelsea and Chadd are a sweet couple. Really nice photos of them!


sammysgrammy said...

I'm glad I stopped by so now I know to pray for Warren. Pics of Chelsea and Chad are so sweet.