Thursday, May 7, 2015

Quick Trip

 This is all you really need to know about the mountains....
as far as I am concerned.

 The sound of the stream as it goes on its way.
Way better than the sound of the ocean.
It is almost lyrical.

 Normally we go to this beauty in the early Autumn.
There are leaves on the trees.
Visiting here in the Spring brought the stream much more into focus.
The perfectly smoothed rocks are so pretty just under the water.

 This is the type of water I grew up with
when we lived a short walk away from Penn's Creek
in Central PA.
Many, many Summer days were spent splashing and playing 
with friends in the "swimming hole".

 Bandit loved this trip.
She even made the drive on my lap both ways
with no throwing up!
This is probably a first.
I'm so pleased....of course!

 Can you imagine putting together a jigsaw puzzle from this?
The reflections and stones would make you batty.

 The noise maker.
Just a bunch of rocks.!

 This was Chadd's first visit to the mountains.
Somehow he didn't mind supervising dish washing
and even dried some.

We missed all of the people who are normally with us up here
but since we didn't get up there in the Fall
this trip just needed to happen when it could
with those who could make it.

The drive is the biggest deterrent for me.
It takes a very long time to get from one end of Pennsylvania to the other.
We broke it up with a delightful stop at Fisherman's Paradise
to meet up with Allan and Bev.
It was so good to see them and to visit a place where Allan and I 
spent hours and hours when we were younger.
He with his fly rod and me with a book.

 We started out in the reverse of how we came home.
Chelsea and Chadd were well rested and excited about the journey ahead.
Jonathan hadn't slept for 24 hours because we left immediately 
following his night shift.
Silly me thought he would just fall asleep as soon as we pulled
out of the driveway.
But....nope!  He stayed awake for most of that entire day.
Jonathan had the best time up there and relaxed so much.
He was jubilant on the way home.

However,  Chadd experienced car sickness on the curvy 
mountain roads and so his chipper expression dimmed a bit.
Poor guy.
He survived, though, and was a trooper!!

We are home and life is all real again.
Tomorrow we will go to Johns Hopkins to see what they think about
Warren's visual disturbances and brain cysts.

As our funny Otolaryngologist (ENT) said..
Our timing for a trip to Baltimore is just perfect. 
Well, at least the rioting seems
 to have calmed down
for now.
Hoping to not make the news.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Glad you got a way for a rest and a bit of downtime.


Vee said...

Oh beautiful time away. I have somehow missed that there is a family cabin in the mountains. Oh my, yes, anyone going to Baltimore is in my prayers. May everything go smoothly and may there be a good report.

Theresa said...

This post makes me want to go to the mountains:) I know you enjoyed your time together! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!