Thursday, October 31, 2013

Let's Just Pretend

I think we should just pretend that I am not crazy busy
and overwhelmed with this wonderful life I live.

Lets just pretend that there is plenty of time in this 
day before I leave for an out of town craft show
to write this blog post and share about
some fun Warren and I had last week.

You see, 
last week I pretended that I had time 
to do this fun thing.
It worked out just fine.
So, here we go again.
Because I miss being here and sharing.

We went to see Petra in concert.

Petra, who had their Farewell Tour some time ago.
They just couldn't stay away.
And I am so glad.

It was such a fun night.
With our friends Duane and Kelly.
They are concert lovers like we are.
It is no wonder we have three kids who are so 
into the Contemporary Christian Rock Scene.
They learned it from us.

In our early dating and married days we were 
regulars at Creation Festival.
I've told you before that Warren was a camera man 
who shot video for the big screen.
I would follow behind him making sure his wires 
didn't catch on anything
all the while totally enjoying being on the back end of 
the concert scene.

So anyway, 
back to last Friday night.
Duane and Kelly got there first.
They snagged seats in the sixth row center!
This means that we were right in the eye contact zone.
The concert was in a tent that held just 600 or so people 
so there wasn't a bad seat in the house....
we just happened to have GREAT seats.

Duane and Kelly

Just color me happy!  This was too much fun!

The music was soooo good.
After 40 years, these guys can still play.
Only two were originals.
If you know Petra's history you'll 
recognize them in the photos.

We heard that they were going to come out 
and sign autographs so we hung around
and did what we never did when we were young.
We got autographs and a picture.

I know that many readers won't really care about Petra.
Just be happy for me....
That is enough.
An evening of fun out with my hubby
is golden these days.



Vee said...

I did a double take, Becky! I thought you were Chelsea! Goodness, woman, what are you doing that's turned you into a teenager! ; D

Now I do remember Petra, but not well enough. Must go look up a song so I,can refresh my memory.

Doris said...

Yes, I am happy for you...and a wee bit jealous as well ;-)