Thursday, October 24, 2013

What's Going On, You Ask?

Well, there is quite a lot happening around here.

I decorated for Autumn.
This is pretty much it.
There are two small pumpkins with funky stems.
Understated....yeah, I'm going with that.

Warren is working hard to get our leaf collection system 
up and running so that he can take care of the three yards
that are currently full of leaves.

We do this dance every year....
and on the day that he does leaves it is a very beautiful thing.

I happen to LOVE the crunchy leaves and am kind of sorry to 
see them go.

Last week I spent a relaxing evening with 
my friend Melissa.
She served tea and we got to chat 
for a couple of hours.
Her kitty entertained us....

You might remember that Michael broke his collarbone
on October 6th?
Well, yesterday I came back from Bible Study to be met 
with the news that he had gone out for a run
and had fallen right on that shoulder.
First time he ever fell while running.
He caught his foot in a shoelace going down hard.
Michael was sure it was broken again.
We went back to the orthopedist
who ordered an x-ray....
it is not broken again.
Praise God!

He's dealing with significant pain once more though.
He just couldn't sit still one moment longer.

Chelsea is now in Thailand.
She loved her couple of days in Bangkok.
Now she is in another city
where her team will spend three weeks with an 
organization that works to prevent human trafficking.
I don't know if they do active rescues or what.
But very soon Chelsea will be finding out
what that ugly world looks like.
She asks for prayer!

Of course I continue to be busy in the candle kitchen.
Between a new manufacturing job, 
the many fundraisers in progress,
Etsy orders,
upcoming craft shows
and my retail locations I find myself needing to
be more organized than ever before.
The next challenge after that is just to be constantly working
to keep up with it all.

Baby shower favors just keep coming.

Every day I think that soon I'll be taking on a part time
helper.  I've got a good one on stand by.
Rachel....look out!
I'm making a to do list!

There have been some changes at church lately.
Last week we turned the sanctuary around.
As in, moved the front of the sanctuary to another wall.
This meant that Warren spent TONS of hours moving wiring, 
the sound board, lighting and probably more than I know.
Then Pastor Mike and I set up the chairs to an arrangement that 
he envisioned in his mind.

It worked!
 With just a couple of minor adjustments.
It was so much fun to see everyone come in and try to figure out
where they would sit.
I teased that we should just label all of the seats with someone's name.
But this was way more fun.
Shaking things up.

Our ladies spent some time on Sunday afternoon 
sharing testimonies.
It was such a blessing to hear about how God gets 
our attention.
I love to get to know our church ladies better.
Once a month we gather to chat and pray.
It is a very good time.
They are a very special group of women.
So real.
So caring.

Friday night Warren and I will join another couple
at a Petra concert.
I can't believe it.
Petra was the band that Warren and I listened to 
when we were dating and they are still touring.
This should be FUN!

Guess that's about it.
Other than the fact that Georgia is now experiencing
a lot of pain as she goes through physical therapy to 
get her leg back to normal.
We would love prayers for that.
But she is driving again and pretty much back to 
her busy self.

Mom is working in a new department at 
the theater and seems to like it so far.
I know she really misses her friends in the other 
department but she is making new ones to add to 
her friend collection.  

Jonathan continues to struggle with serious back pain.
He is an inspiration to me, though, as he 
maintains a good attitude and works through 
the pain at all of those crazy hours of a 
security guard.
We would love your prayers that the Lord would lead 
us to the best treatment for him.

Well, I'd better head off for the day.
Just wanted to catch up.
Miss you.


Theresa said...

Prayers going up right now for all of your loved ones who need lifting up! Have a blessed and productive day dear friend, HUGS!

Karen said...

My goodness! I'll be praying for all your requests. Remember that I think of you every time I light my candles-that will be a good reminder to me to pray.

May I just say that you are my decorating kindred spirit? I have 3 small ceramic dollar store pumpkins that Allison put out a couple weeks ago. Good enough for me! ;-)

Have fun at the concert! I always liked Petra, too.

Vee said...

Oh yes. A lot going on...a LOT! So hard to have both sons be battling pain just now...not pleasant in the least. Chelsea definitely has my prayers. Her work sounds challenging...glad that she has lots of support around her.
And Georgia is on the mend...hope her pain lessens into nothing very soon. Is Emily Miss Rabe? What a fun job that would be!

Melissa Hagman said...

Ha...can't believe you posted the cat picture :)