Friday, November 8, 2013

I Can See The Sky

I know that Fall has come....and nearly gone
when I can see the sky from our back yard.
The leaves on our many trees
block the view all summer long.

Last evening I went out with the dogs
and shimmering light caught my eye from above.

I turned and looked.
It was beautiful.
Through the nearly bare branches sparkled diamonds
in the sky.
These cool dry nights feature displays of 
such beauty.

Warren got our leaf decimation system up and running
and has used it once so far. 
It will need to go again but for now I once again 
have some crunchy leaves out there to enjoy.

The challenge is getting the dogs to not leave their 
big chew bones in those leaves
only to become dangerous projectiles
when hit by the mower.
For some reason this has huge appeal for our pooches.
I've heard from Chelsea 
and she is well.
A bit more than a little tired of rice
but enjoying her mission.
She is teaching English to children in Thailand.
Fun times!

We are just a bit more than a month out
from getting her back in our arms.
NONE of us can wait.
Even her brothers plan to squeeze her hard
when she gets off that plane.
I'm already "feeling her pain" after 
a 20 hour straight trip home.
I think she will be almost as happy to see
all of us.
I know I say it every time but I am really blessed
with candle orders.
What a little business God has given me here.
It has been fun to help raise money for our friends
who will be bringing Wyatt home from China before
the end of the year, Lord willing.
We'll be attending a walk and silent auction
which is also a fundraiser for him 
on Saturday evening.
So exciting!!
It is changeover time at the theater.
Noah is gone....
and the Miracle of Christmas begins rehearsals 
next week. 
What that means for us is that Warren is busier
than usual this week as they hurry to do 
projects that can't be done during show runs.
However, it is nothing like the days when he was hands on
with changing out the shows
or like he will be when Moses is about to begin.
That will be a whole different level of intensity.
One that we enjoy in a weird sort of way.

Michael is healing nicely and will rejoin his
work family in time for the rehearsals. 
He is soooo ready!!

I was blessed to spend quality time with some friends this week.
And I do mean it when I say blessed.
As a type A personality I tend to go head first into my work 
and not take the time to enjoy friendships.
But, I know that it is healthy and good for me to 
stop sometimes.
There is no doubt that when I do 
there is much joy and benefit ....
even if I look like I'm about to
 fall asleep while chatting, 
right Jen?
I promise you weren't boring me.
I just never sit still that long and I totally relaxed.

I also had lunch and made a trip to an Amish farm 
with my friend, Jan.
We are considering making a switch to raw milk
and I want to visit a few farms to help me make 
a decision. 
This was the first of three or four on my list.

Yesterday found Bonnie and I chatting until the 
tea house we were in wanted to close.
Hmmm....seems to be a theme.
Warren and I did that with the Rabes once.
And I can think of a few other times, as well.
Yep, I might just have an issue with talking long.
But it was sweet fellowship.

I guess I'll get this day started 
but just wanted to pop in here quickly.

Blessings on your day!


Theresa said...

Good morning BUSY lady:) I know that Chelsea will be SO happy to get home and will have SO many stories to share of her journey! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I remember that night! It was fun and a bit disappointing when the place closed at 9:00pm! Yikes!

I looked for the farm store behind Miller's - I couldn't find it. I will be interested in what you find for the raw milk. We love it and it is pricey were I buy it! Hopefully you can find an excellent source and price!

Can't believe Chelsea's trip is nearly over. Time truly does fly.


jAne said...

we drink raw milk.
it's the best.

First Christian Church said...

I remember when our Jessica came home from Ukraine. I almost couldn't contain my joy of having her home. And although she was overjoyed to be home, the culture shock was a difficult thing for her for a couple of weeks. We use raw milk as well...we love our Mennonite Dairy Farmers!!! :)

Karen said...

How nice that the countdown is getting close to having your girl back. You are a brave momma!

I seldom take the time for get togethers with friends, unless we have some other reason to do it, rather than just visit. I never feel like I have the time-but when I make the time, I'm just like you-we'll sit for hours catching up while wait staff wishes we'd leave. It's a wonderful thing!