Monday, October 7, 2013

ER Visit Reveals First Ever Broken Bone

The broken bone is not mine.
It belongs to the birthday boy, Michael.

Not fifteen minutes before
the accident
Michael's friends had been quizzing us about 
his health history
given his tendencies toward the ridiculous
stunts and adventures.

I, without thinking, said that he had never had a broken
bone....but as I did I had that fleeting thought, 
"Did I just say that?"
I'm not superstitious but it just felt wrong.

Well, Michael had built a shaky ramp
and was planning to impress all of his party guests
by jumping over the fire on his dirt bike.
Apparently they had come up with the idea while 
at work the day before.
They had drawn diagrams and everything.
What could go wrong?

The options were endless really.

I refused to watch but heard the aftermath
as he came crashing to the ground.
His bike came down on his leg,
his shoulder ground into dirt and grass.

These are the good things.

For he missed the neighbors macadam
driveway by a couple of feet
and did not land in the fire.
The bike coming down on his midsection 
most likely would have wrecked up 
his insides.

His head hit the ground hard but the helmet 
did it's job.

It didn't take too long to figure out that his 
collarbone was broken.

So, off to the ER we went.
Leaving all of his friends behind to surround
the campfire, to consume his cake and 
to wonder about his well being.

Mikey took turning 21 to a whole new level.

Happy Birthday, Mikey!
We are grateful that you are still with us!


Vee said...

Both my kids had broken bones before they were five. One grandkid at five. I'm thinking broken bones tame people...remind them of the possibilities. So sorry that Mike spent so much of his birthday in the ER. I doubt that this will tame him much, but perhaps it will remind him of the possibilities. You told that so well, Becky, that I was cringing well in advance.

Mrs.Rabe said...

We had to chuckle last night while cringing, because it is so Mikey like!

I'm sorry about his pain though. Not fun.


Carol Z said...

Oh Oh! My first broken bone was at 46 and it was a doozy. My second is now. I, too, am grateful my little accident wasn't worse and grateful that Michael's wasn't worse either. Prayers for quick and complete healing.

Theresa said...

OH NO:( Poor Mikey! I hope he is doing OK! Prayers heading your way! HUGS!