Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Learning on So Many Levels

My brain is not bored.
Not ever these days.

There is so much trying to work itself out up there.

For example:  Yesterday I was pretty much minding my own 
business and working away on candles when a thought popped into 
my head.
"You should check on Georgia and see if she needs help."

Oh, o.k.

She was driving herself on errands yesterday for the first time
since breaking her leg in July.
I called her phone.
While I was leaving a message she called me back.
I asked if she needed help carrying groceries up the steps.
Absolutely, she did!
Her leg was hurting after physical therapy and several 
stops on the way home and she was just wondering 
how she was going to get her packages up the stairs which 
she has just started using again.
It had to be God.
In His perfect timing.

That incident fit so perfectly with something I heard on the 
radio today that I think I am supposed to pay attention.
This is my paraphrase of what a pastor said....
"Some people follow Jesus with their lives
while others invite Him to follow them in their lives."

I really want to be in the first category.
I want, so much, to hear His whispers...
 and more than that....
to act on them.

To follow His perfect plan for me each day.

That's one lesson.
Probably the most important.

I'm also learning about the iphone 4s.
Happily so.
I took all of these photos with it.

I'm learning how to get the pictures from the camera to the 
editor and then to the blog.

I'm also learning to listen to my favorite radio station
on my phone.
WTLR is the radio station that my Dad managed for 
many, many years. 
Now I can live stream it any time I want.

Oh, and that is where I heard that thought on following this morning.

I'm learning to know some very smart and talented people.
Amy, the owner of the shop who sponsored me 
in the Strasburg Autumn Fest this past weekend
is the kind of person that you just gravitate to.
She is seriously talented in refinishing furniture, 
home decor and marketing.

 I'm learning more about labeling and my label software.
I thought these turned out pretty cute.

So did my soap maker.
Happy smile.

I'm learning that there are people in the world that just have a passion
for other people.
Luisa is one of those people.
Her passion is for the people in her home country of Peru.
She goes back each year with a team
and shares the gospel and Jesus love with as many people
as she can. 
Mom and Georgia went with her a couple of years ago and 
will be going again early next year.

Luisa works a full time job to support herself 
and then also works most weekends at shows, farmer's markets
and anywhere else she can sell items made by the people of Peru
to help them and 
to fund her return visits.
Mission visits.

Just look at the detailing and consistency of the work here.
Pretty amazing.

So, I'm learning much.
And tomorrow I get to go back to a class that I'm 
enjoying immensely on eating for nutrition.
I've felt so much better and have cut my headaches
at least in half by making some basic changes.

God has been good to me.
I'm thankful.

Oh, and if you get a chance you could pop by
about my candles.  
I especially love that she featured the Tommy candles.
Much better these days after having a feeding tube put in.
But if you wouldn't mind praying for him as he has been 
pretty stressed through all of the ordeal of 
stomach pain and time in the hospital.

One of these days I may get back to writing every day.....
or I may not.
But either way
I'm happy to be here now.


Carol Z said...

And I'm happy you're here, too. Prayers for Georgia's recovery, Luisa and Tommy and family. I smile when I look at my "cup of hot chocolate."

Vee said...

Me too! I love finding you here and catching up with your news. So good to learn that Georgia is able to do so much more. It was oh ouchie time for me as I read your discussion of listening to the Holy Spirit. How often do I just allow a moment to slide...

Off to read the nice things your friend had to say about you. ☺ Always good!

Keep learning, keep feeling better and better!

Karen said...

Wow, I guess there wouldn't be any time to be bored-you have so much happening.

Glad to hear Georgia is continuing to recover well and is back to being able to drive again.

Are those notecards made by your brother? They're beautiful!

I'm going to ponder your paraphrase-it is so true and I want to be in the first group, too.

I miss you and am glad whenever you find time to post. I love keeping up with your life, even when I don't comment.

Becky K. said...

Yes, those are Allan's cards. I need to get the rest of the designs added to my Etsy shop. I have two in there now. He is pretty stinkin' talented.

sammysgrammy said...

Just love your posts, Becky - so full of God's goodness and mercy. The "Joy the the Lord" in print.

Kelly Bermudez said...

What kind of label software do you use? Looks great!

Gayla said...

Boy, you are busy! It's good to catch up a little. Love the labels. I have been loving the Cinnamon Buns candle from you... It smells delicious even when it's not burning!

Take care. Love, Gayla

Theresa said...

It's the whispers we sometimes miss:) It sounds like your ears and your heart were listening! Have a blessed day doing what you do! HUGS!

*~Niki~* said...

Glad to hear you're being kept busy Becky :) God is so good to us x

Dee said...

Dear Becky, having lived almost through eight decades, I've discovered that I'm most content when I live in the moment with gratitude. Living in the present and in Presence brings the contentment that makes all possible. At least for me. Peace.