Friday, April 12, 2013

Time for a Church Update

Sunrise Service - Easter 2013

I realize that I used to talk about church a lot 
here on the blog.
I don't know for sure why I stopped but
it seems that we are way overdue for an update on 
things there.

Things are extremely busy on that front.
God has been steadily bringing more and more
individuals and families to worship with us.

To the point that over the past month we have had 
to set up overflow seating most weeks.

Here is the best thing about the growth.
Not much else has changed.

We still worship together as family units
and keep Christ at the Center.
We still have a prayer time where anyone is able to 
share requests and/or pray out loud if they so desire.
Communion still happens on the third Sunday of each month.
Fellowship meals are an expected part of the day on 
both the first and third Sundays.

The families and individuals who have joined us 
fit in so nicely.
Of course it changes some dynamics, 
such as these days you'll find the leadership families
eating at the counter in the office area...standing up.
That's been awesome.
All the seats are full!
More chairs have been ordered and will be here before
our next meal...don't feel badly for us...
we don't.

We feel completely blessed.

Blessed that years of struggle as to whether 
there would be enough money to pay the bills 
of the church but trusting that we were doing all we knew
to be obedient have come to this.
Years of meeting weekly for prayer to seek His will.
(This continues....we'll never stop seeking God's will and leading.)

Seeing the fruit of those labors
come in the form of delightful families and individuals 
who "get us". 
They love our style of worship.

It is always interesting when people ask about
how we came to be an inter-generational
(family integrated) church.
We just have to say that God did it.
It was in our hearts before we know there was 
a movement for such a thing.
But anyway....

Another thing that hasn't changed?
Pastor Mike still adores the kiddos and is so good with them.
Something that our kids had nearly all to themselves as they 
grew up is now being enjoyed by a whole bunch of 
young ones.


In the mean time the facilities have been stretched here and there.
Last week I painted the Mom/Infant room in anticipation
of four new babies who are on the way.
Then things changed again and we will be using that room once
more for a sleeping room and the Moms and Babies will 
get the larger play room that has been well used over the past 
couple of years.
Those kids are being moved to another area which we think and hope 
will function even better.

Lord willing, 
Walls are going to shift slightly and the sanctuary will expand
in shape and seating.

A third rest room will be added to assist in the 
constant demand created when nearly 
100 people are in attendance.

Things are once again on the move...
and it is awesome!

Well, it is awesome
HE is Awesome!


Terra said...

Heart warming news and great to see a church growing and reaching more people and keeping true to its roots.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Fun times!!!!

Vee said...

What puts a big grin on this old face is seeing all the children and young families. Our church is an aging one. Continued blessings!

Elena said...

That is so awesome! I love hearing about your church.

Theresa said...

Wonderful PRAISE report about your growing Church:) I know that it is taking lots of work AND prayer to make the Church grow to accommodate the added members! BUT oh what a wonderful work to be doing! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the top of the post. What a neat idea and a wonderful picture. We go to a bigger church, but sometimes a smaller church that truly operates as a family looks so appealing! Just stopping in to say HI, it's been awhile! :)