Monday, April 22, 2013

O Happy Day!

 By now you know that I miss having 
our middle son, Michael,
living with us.
I know that our children have to grow up and 
go out and make it on their own.
However, it still makes me very, very happy 
when he comes back to spend quality time with his family.

Today was one of those precious days.

We ran errands together in the afternoon....
all three of our kiddos and me.

Then we came home and had a delightful dinner
Dinner was
our choice of
 chicken or beef sliders
and Tuscan Asparagus.

Warren had beat us home and was 
willing to operate the grill to make
the meat 
for the sliders.

Not being an asparagus lover
I surprised myself by almost enjoying 
the roasted and seasoned veggie dish.
I had FOUR spears.
Its a record.

Dinner was followed by a walk.
A nice long walk.

On this walk were Warren, Chelsea, Mom, 
Georgia, Myself 
all three dogs.

The evening was brisk but not cold....
At least as long as one was moving.

The moon stood out.....just beautifully...... in the blue sky.

Father and Daughter.
She was getting chilly.

 A flowering tree caught our eye.
Such delicate blossoms!

Sigh....such beauty in such a simple setting.

These blooms just brighten their corners of the world.
We came across them many times on this walk.

Beautiful vistas so close to home.

So thankful for this busy but blessed day.


Elena said...

Your images are beautiful and expressed the day so well!

Mrs.Rabe said...


Those grape hyacinths are wonderful!


Vee said...

I am so bad...I look at beautiful photography and think: Note Cards!

What a beautiful day you shared with us. Thank you.

Susy said...

The Tuscan Asparagus sounds intriguing. What are the ingredients? I'll eat your portion (**

Linda Gross said...

We drove home from NE Pennsylvania yesterday. I agree it was a beautiful day. Your photographs show some of that beauty. I LOVE the photograph of Warren and Chelsea.