Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just in Time!

I knew our Longwood Pass was going to run out 
sometime in April....
but I wasn't sure when.

So on Monday, April 1st, since Warren had off because of Easter
and We, Chelsea and our Moms headed out
across the fields to Kennett Square
to visit the gardens.


I held my breath as I asked the lady
with the scanner to see when our 
pass would expire this month.
Honestly, I was thinking at the end of the month.
She said, 
"It expires on April 5th!"
That was close.

Well then, 
I'm so glad we went when we did!

I'll renew my pass, for sure.
We go often enough to make it worth our while.

But we had delightful weather for our visit.
There's still not much to see outside
but the Conservatory is stunning.

We are thinking two weeks and the outside should 
really come to life.
This time of the year it is fun to go often because
it is almost like you are watching things grow
right in front of your eyes.
Hey are!

Well,   I'm thankful for a place this awesome
so close to home.
We each have our favorite spots to sit and ponder 
life in the gardens.
There is just something about being in a place 
with so much Created beauty
in your face that makes you stop
and think.

Perhaps the relaxed and calm feeling one gets there
is because of 
all of the oxygen being
put out by the trees.
Those massive and delightful trees!
Filtering our air and keeping it clean.

Longwood Gardens would likely not exist
if it weren't for those trees.
Mr. DuPont bought that property to save the 
fabulous trees from being cut down.
True story....or at least it is what they 
tell you when you visit.

Did you know that one tree produces about
260 pounds of oxygen per year?
Well, now you do!

They filter out carbon dioxide from our air too.
So perhaps this is the real reason a trip to the 
mountains (or Longwood Gardens) is so refreshing?

Just sayin'.

What an awesome Creator we have!


Vee said...

Or what an awesome Mr. DuPont. So are you going to wait to renew in May or June thereby extending your seasonal pass? Stunning photography as always, Becky!

Lorrie Esposito said...

Beautiful! Looks like a place I would want to visit. Thanks for sharing it, Becky.

Karen said...

Gorgeous pics!

Great timing on your would have been disappointing to get there only to find your membership had expired. Feels like sneaking in one more freebie this way. ;-)

Gayla said...

Those gardens look amazing! I'm glad your passes were still good. Perfect timing. Love it when that happens.

Me, too, on the chocolate. I never think a dessert is really a dessert if it doesn't have chocolate in it.

MYSAVIOR said...

Sounding redundant but GORGEOUS PHOTOS.


Linda Gross said...

What gorgeous pictures of the flowers at Longwood Gardens. I just looked at photographs of snow before coming to your blog. I much prefer Springtime flowers to Springtime snow! Lucky you to live so close to Longwood Gardens that you can take advantage of frequent visits.

Elena said...

You are so blessed to be so close to so much beauty!