Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Morning After A Migraine.....

.....Is ugly.

I officially hate migraines.

Yesterday I was spending a very lovely 
and interesting afternoon out with my friend, Deanna,
as we enjoyed some time in Lititz.

We were there so that Deanna could meet 
another shop owner who carries my candles, Karen.
Both of these ladies are courageous and strong.
Running a retail shop is not for the faint of heart.
Especially in these hard economic times.

Deanna and I
 enjoyed a tasty lunch at the Tomato Pie Cafe,
which may be the source of the migraine
now that I think about it.
Not the food, 
but the environment.
Because of a remodeling project going on there
it was extra crowded and very loud.
An hour spent in this busyness
may have played a part.
I've really no idea.
I greatly enjoyed the food and the company.

Then we were off to meet up with Karen
at Back Home Again.
She is doing such a delightful job with the 
setting up of her shop.
I meant to take photos and completely forgot.

I enjoyed seeing and hearing these two sharp 
ladies discussing business.

Then it was time to head back to a local shopping 
area where we had left Jonathan and Chelsea.
No sooner had I pulled into the shopping center when my right
eye became partially blind. 
I know that sounds weird but that is what happens
for me before the headache hits.
I said, "Oh no, I'm getting a migraine!"
And then the words became harder to come 
up with.
We found Chels and Jon and then it was decided that
I'd best stop at the nearby CVS for some Ibuprofen.
I tottered inside to get it and then gulped two 
dry while waiting in the "forever" line to 
cash out.

I truly hoped the cashier didn't ask too many questions
because try as I might I couldn't come up with the word
I knew I would come off sounding drunk or something.
My words just go......with migraines.
So scary.

As we drove up toward Lancaster 
the thought processes became 
even more 

I got just plain scared.

We stopped so Deanna could take over the wheel.
She drove straight to the hospital.

They got me back quickly for an evaluation.
At that point I told them it was 2012.

Wishful thinking, maybe.

But after seeing a doctor
he reassured me that it appeared to be a 
"complicated migraine"
and had the nurse give me IV medication 
to ease the symptoms.

They worked.

In the process, though I became very hot and agitated
and felt the need to get out of there.
I rang for the nurse and asked to leave.
She checked with the doctor and said that was fine 
if I was feeling better.
At that point I was since the real headache had 
yet to hit.

Thankfully we made it home and I got to bed before
the intense pain crashed in.
After some time I managed to get to sleep 
and a very long nap took care of that pain.

This morning I have the "imprint" of the headache
up there but no crashing pain.

Everything hurts
in general.

But it would seem that the worst
and the scariest has passed.

Do you get migraines?
Are they annoying or scary to you?


bananaorangeapple said...

I.hate migraines too
Never had one myself, but i know they.are horrendous

MYSAVIOR said...

Pain in any form is no fun.

I pray you could find the trigger and demolish it.


N. said...

Unfortunately, I know the pain. As a teen the were almost that bad. I can remember the pain being so intense that it made me see spots and the nausea so intense I couldn't even walk to the bathroom- I had to crawl. I was lucky to be able to get them under control with Imitrex, and grew out of them as an adult. I sometimes still get intense headaches from muscle inflammation due to a severe whiplash injury but not as bad as those teenage years.
I'm glad they could get you better with meds, and that it wasn't more severe. Be praying for you!

Carol said...

Bless your heart! I'm praying that today is a better day for you. Take care.

Smiles & Hugs,

Linda Gross said...

I am glad that you feel better. My S-I-L gets migraines. My husband does, too, but infrequently.

Gayla said...

I have hope for you. I used to get migraines that were excruciating. I remember dealing with the aura, the blindness, the inability to think AT ALL... and then such pain that I'd have called 911, but I was in bed with the door locked and I hated to have them break down my kitchen door! ---- and then one day, I believe associated with the advent of menopause... they disappeared. Sometimes, very rarely, I get a little headache. but no migraines for years... seven... I'm so sorry you have them. Hugs from MO.

Debby said...

I get migraines and mine are strange. I might go a year without them then get one that lasts for 3 months. No kidding. I am on two maintenance meds right now. I get the blurry vision thing first. The words go away for me as well. At first my husband got mad at me because he thought I was kidding around when I was talking, then he got really worried. The bad thing is that one of the meds causing the same thing.....but not as bad. Recently I was in the ER. They gave Reglan ( a stomach med) and also Benadryl. Well, I was feeling so anxios and couldn't stand it. I was standing up and about to climb up the wall. The nurse came by and said it was the medicine and the Benadryl was given to counteract the Reglan. It did kick in and I feell asleep for 2 hours in the ER. I was sent there for a scan from urgent care because my own doctor didn't have time to see me. Instead, I got an expensive nap instead. Ridiculous. They did this by IV so I really didn't have alot of control. Immitrex didn't work for me. I have found that weather changes being mine on BUT the weather has been changes so much lately and so far so good SO maybe the new maintenace is helping. Good luck.....don't drive. Best to stay in a dark quiet room.

Vee said...

Oh, Becky, I hate that this is something you deal with. Does your mom ever get them? Did your dad? My mother used to have them and my sister does. I, mercifully, have not. What you describe does sound frightening. I'm glad that Deanna was with you, though it must have been scary for her, too. Lie low today...

Theresa said...

I don't get migraines but my Niece does! I know that they send her straight to bed! That sounds like you had a scary time! Hope all is much better and that you NEVER EVER have another one like that! BIG HUGS and prayers coming your way!