Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Every Day They Play

Bandit and the squirrels.

I open the door
and she charges out and to the right.

Her eyes are bright and hopeful.

Most of the time she is not disappointed.
We have a lot of squirrels 
around here.

They play.
The squirrels are active participants who will
come down from the trees and hop around to get 
her attention.

She runs like the wind to their location 
as they shimmy up a tree.
This one flattened itself against the tree 
in hopes that she wouldn't be able to see it.

It must be new.

Normally they just kind of hang on the side 
just out of her reach
they go to the top of the tree to run branch to branch 
until they come down another tree to begin the 
game all over again.

Its all fun and games
until she actually catches one.


Vee said...

Good for her! The squirrels around here need some serious thinning. Molly used to, in her prime, be a wonderful player with The Squirrels. It was Molly zip most days until... Loved this story! It brought back some fun memories.

Linda Gross said...

I think our cat, Patches, would love to go outside to play with the rabbits and squirrels and other small critters. She pokes her nose out the door, but will not go any farther. The big world beyond the door scares her a bit, I think.