Saturday, February 2, 2013

Unexpected Blessings

I couldn't decide what to title this post....
God Moment or Unexpected Blessings.

It is truly heartwarming to see God do things that 
build faith in your children.
Last night was one of those times.

You see, this week Chelsea calculated what 
she needs yet to get to her YWAM mission
and BACK.
That being the more important part to me.
She already has her ticket to go, 
the down payment has been made
and money is in the bank for the majority of the 

Still, her outstanding amounts involve
the return flight and the outreach to Thailand.

It looks a bit daunting when you see the number
but knowing that she has already earned that much
through her job and gifts 
you just know that if it is meant to be....
it will be.

So, back to the story.
Last evening we went to the far end of Lancaster County 
to pick up our van which had been held hostage
for emissions problems.
Hopefully this week it will be mine once again.
It now has to go back to the original garage
but that is another story.

You see, the first time we took the van to this 
distant town they were supposed to replace two parts.
They, in their infinite wisdom, simply replaced one 
and said to bring it back if the other one was bad.

The other one was bad.

However, perhaps it wasn't "their" infinite wisdom
at work after all.
For because we needed to come back events took
place that led us to the right place at the right time.

We needed it.
Hungry people like to eat dinner.
Hungry people who enjoy seafood 
(not me and not Chelsea)
enjoy buffets for $14.99 where you can 
eat all of the little (and big) shrimpies,
stuffed clams
 and crab salad
one wants.

So we stopped.

In the same building there is a Christian book store.
Chelsea loves, loves, loves 
Christian book stores.
They hold music.
Lots and lots of music.

So, of course, after dinner we browsed the bookstore.

Chelsea saw much that she would like to own.
She was reluctant to spend a penny.
After our date with the garage for the second time
we weren't exactly in a good place to feed her need for music.
We did get her dinner however.
Because we are nice like that.  

Warren and I told her that she should go ahead
and get something.
Music is so vital to her happiness.
It literally was one of the healers while she struggled 
with the depths of anorexia.

So, she reluctantly went back to that section of the store 
to see if she could decide on something.

While she was there I chatted with the young woman 
at the register.
I explained that Chelsea was saving for her mission
trip to Australia and Thailand and that she was 
hesitant to spend even for something she loved.

Turns out this young lady has a brother serving
as a missionary in Thailand and that she, herself, has
visited a home for women in that very country 
run by YWAM.


So, Chelsea finally made the hard decision on an album
and came to the front of the store.
When it was rung up and the total given
it was less than half of what Chelsea was expecting.
She questioned the cashier who said it was "on sale".
Wow.  Cool.
Then as the bag was on its way to Chelsea's hands
this young woman slipped a white envelope into 
it and said that she felt led to give it to her.

Now, as far as I knew this young woman had only
talked to us and dealt with a very cranky lady
in the time we had stood there.
I was feeling badly that she had to deal with that 
other woman....
but apparently she had found the time to 
slip some bills from her purse into this envelope.

We thanked her with tears in our eyes
and headed to the car.

When we got there I asked Chelsea to look and see 
what was in that envelope.
From a stranger?
Who just felt led?
So far from our home?
On a trip I was grumbling about?

In God's appointed time and place
HE used this complete stranger to build 
Chelsea's faith and allow her to say,
"I think I am supposed to go on this trip!"

Chelsea ran back in and gave her new friend
a big hug and then we both shed 
tears of thanksgiving as we drove from this place.

A God Moment.


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

This is so incredibly beautiful! I'm resharing!

The Winslow Family of 10 said...

This is incredible! Thank you for sharing! This totally made my day! You know something...I know that God LOVES to do things like this so that NO man can take a bit of credit for it!!!! We have built many, many, monuments to the Lord for things just like this!!! I LOVE these stories!!
With Love,
The Winslow Family--NH
Glenn, Mary, Madelyn, Grace, Edward, Elisha, Jonathan, Nicole, Rosalinda, and soon to be rescued Zoey and little Eddie.

Marydon said...

Paying it forward, melts your heart, God directs all in His way. TY to that generous eat loving woman & congrats to Chelsea.


Gayla said...

Wonderful! So happy for you and Chelsea. The candles came today! Thank you for the little apple pie! Yum! And the orange clove is just what I was craving... Wow!

Carol Z said...

Not a coincidence. Just the place you were all supposed to be. Thanks for sharing.

bananaorangeapple said...

Amazing! How good is the God we serve?

Linda Gross said...

God works in mysterious ways.

Vee said...

Amazing. And so like Him. What a great faith-builder.

Susy said...

Wow. The orchestrated circumstances, the young ladies obedience and generosity ~ I'm inspired too!

Theresa said...

WOW, gave me chills! What a wonderfully kind thing to do! YEP, I agree with Chelsea... the trip was meant to be:) Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing this God moment with me! HUGS!

Melissa Gill said...

How awesome! Thanks for sharing!