Friday, February 15, 2013

Just Ducky

Today does not promise to be fun.
I'm having some minor surgery to remove
a birthmark gone rogue.
I have a cold that has me coughing like a crazy
person and so I tried to get out of it 
with Warren and my friend, Melissa
by insisting that I'm going to cough
at the wrong time and the scalpel is going 
to go where it should not go 
and pierce my lung.

They are not buying it.

What do they know?

I'm doomed.

Oh well.

It really is a minor procedure and I'll 
be just fine.
A couple of minutes and a couple of stitches
and I'll be just ducky.

Kind of like these sweethearts captured
at the Virginia Living Museum.

Out in the bird sanctuary we found lots of 
other interesting creatures...

 So majestic even though it is captivity due to an injury and cannot fly.

We assume this one was drying its feathers.
It held this pose for more than 15 minutes
while gently waving his wings in the breeze.
Either that or it has an issue with fear and was 
attempting to intimidate us all of the time.
I choose to believe the prior theory.
The air was her blow dryer.

I do hope your day is good.
Just Ducky, even.


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Ill pray for you today, no coughing during scalpel time!

Linda Gross said...

I always have the fear, while in the dentist chair, that I will sneeze at the wrong time. Hasn't happened. I can't recall any time, in fact, that I have sneezed while in the dentist chair. Good luck with your surgery. I love all your ducky and other wildlife pictures very much. Great captures!

Vee said...

Hope that it's all over before you hardly know what's happening. Can you take echinacea?

Mrs.Rabe said...

Love that Eagle....

Hope your procedure goes well!


Theresa said...

Oh I pray all will go well with the surgery and that you will feel all ducky all day! HUGS!

Gayla said...

Thinking of you! Treat yourself after your surgery... You deserve it!