Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Local Cafe Does It Right

I probably don't have to say anything here, do I?  YUM!  You may not figure out that the cup holds vanilla yogurt and honey.  Delish! 
A young couple has taken a bold step.
They have opened a cafe in the city of Lancaster.
Running a cafe is not an easy thing
nor is it guaranteed success.

word of mouth is working well
in this case because this place is sweet.

They call it 
Cafe One Eight.

The home page of  their website
Christ. Compassion. Coffee.

The name is taken from both the address
at 18 W. Orange Street
Acts 1:8

We discovered Cafe One Eight when our friends at 
Fab Fashion just around the corner recommended it 
to Georgia and I one day when we were out to market
and made a candle delivery to the shop.

We enjoyed our visit so much that I knew I had 
to introduce Chelsea to Cafe One Eight.
She LOVES it and so wishes we had something 
like it closer to home.

Matt and Kathleen....
I'm hinting here!
I'm sure there is a cute little spot 
that would be just perfect somewhere 
near Quarryville.
It Could be 
Cafe One Nine or something....

Then it wasn't too long until one of 
Chelsea's former co-workers was hired to 
work at Cafe One Eight.
Then he was singing for First Friday at the cafe.

We were out and about that night because of the van.
You may have read this post about the early part 
of that evening.

But even though Chelsea wasn't feeling all that well
she agreed that she really did want to stop by 
and hear Sheldon sing.

We all know Sheldon and his girlfriend from 
the theatre too so we were very happy to see 
him and hear his talent at work.

While the morning that I took these photos was relatively quiet
in Cafe One Eight, I can tell you that First Friday was not.
Wow.  I was a bit concerned for the antique floors.
It was so full.

What a sense of community.
I was impressed to see many of my 
former co-op students ...
of course they are quite grown up now.
How does this happen?

We also ran into a friend from our
co-op days.
She got an earful about the events from 
earlier in the evening.
Donna, it was so neat to be able
to testify to God's goodness.

The music was fantastic.
Sheldon and his friends did a great job.

If you love cafes
this is one you need to put on your 
list to visit while in Lancaster County.

And then pop around the corner on Market Street 
and visit our friends

It is just the perfect way to enjoy Lancaster City.
Of course if you happen to hit Market Day 
you'll have to check out Central Market just a few steps away


Theresa said...

YUM! I want some of that for breakfast:) I shopped on-line with Fab Fashion during Christmas! Love that site! Have a blessed day and when I visit, let's eat there:) HUGS!

Faith Caroline said...

The brick walls and wood floors remind me of Parisian cafes, and I bet it tastes like one, too! How exciting!

Vee said...

Oh that place could be dangerous to the FabFashion Folks! It would be to pocketbook would lose and I would gain. How delicious and nutritious that breakfast looks! I love to see Christian people in business as they bring salt and light to the community.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

This is my favorite kind of cafe to eat in! I just discovered a new cafe in a town near me and it is my new favorite place!

Carol said...

Oooh, if I lived close I would be frequent visitor! The cafe looks amazing!


Karen June Miller said...

Zap me there . . . PLEASE!


sammysgrammy said...

Becky - you are so accomplished at blogging. Be careful, or someone professional is going to snap you up.

Elena said...

That looks like a fabulous place and if I lived closer I would visit it!

Susanna said...

Hey! We found that while we were out celebrating our 20th anniversary! We loved it!

Loretta said...

It really sounds like a great place to visit.