Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Mom's Happy Heart and Success in the Kitchen

It isn't often that I get to spend time 
with Mikey these days.

He pops in to hang out with Jonathan 
here and there and will come and chat with us
for a few minutes but it isn't like it was when 
he lived here...naturally.

Yesterday he came by to pick up his 
skateboarding gear.
He's going back to his original favorite sport.
It is really good for you.
As long as you don't break anything, that is.

He realizes how out of shape he is,
 for this particular sport anyway.
One really couldn't call Michael out of shape
in a general way.
He's fit and works at moving heavy sets so he'll 
likely stay fit.

While it was bitterly cold here with wind
that cut through you
he went to a local skate park.

I popped by as I was on my way to pick 
up Jonathan from physical therapy
and took a couple of photos.
I'm a wimp and got cold before I got many shots.
I was hoping to capture some air.

 Good save or he would have hit me....

But, alas, no air.  
Not that he didn't get it.  
I just didn't catch it.

We had enjoyed lunch together just before 
these photos were taken.
A blessing to this mama's heart...for sure.

I'm so thankful for our children and their 
respect and love for us.

Speaking of children.
The one you hear most about was the 
motivating factor in our dinner last evening.
She loves stir fry.
I happen to enjoy it quite a bit too.
Warren is not a huge fan.....
but with the correct rice he is ok.

So, I decided that I wanted to make stir fry
but with my own Teriyaki sauce.
Turns out it is very easy to make and you can 
control so much about it. sauce, brown sugar, water, rice wine, ginger.....

These form the base.
Add other seasonings as you like them.
I didn't have rice wine or the substitute dry sherry
so I pulled out a bottle of sparkling grape juice.
It worked great!

....garlic, orange zest, pineapple.....

These would be great additions, as well.
Although I didn't use them last evening.

There are many recipes available on 
"the internets".

It turned out so well.
I'll do that again....for sure.

Funny thing, though.
I forgot to make the chicken for the stir-fry.
So, ours was just veggie laden.
And delicious.

Even Warren liked it!

I tried to get him to say it was too sweet...
he just wouldn't go there. 
He really liked it.


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Such a dare devil! That stirfry looks delicious. Dont say you forgot chicken just say you participated in Meatless Monday!

Theresa said...

Oh my, that takes really good balance:) I LOVE stir-fry and I would like to have some of that... IT LOOKS SO YUMMY! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Linda Gross said...

I don't see any snow in your pictures. We have 4 inches or so of the white stuff on the ground over, up here.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Yummy! I think you may need to make this for a fellowship meal some Sunday.


Carol said...

Great action pics of Mikey! The stir fry looks delicious!