Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last Sunday afternoon found me in my 
Happy Place!

Mom blessed Warren and I with tickets to see 
The Gaither Vocal Band
in concert.

 We always get a chuckle out of the fact that we are 
the youngest fans when we go to any of these
events.  But other than the fact that I worry about their fan 
base over the next 10 years I don't mind being younger 
than everyone around me.

This was my first time to see this group in person.
Of course, we've watched the Gaither Homecoming Videos
many times and we saw Mark Lowry a couple of years
ago when he visited Lancaster.

Bill Gaither must be pretty persuasive to gather this 
kind of talent into a group.
Every one of these men could be out on their own.
They have the talent and following to be solo artists.
It is totally special that they work together and offer
up such praise blended with humor.
I mean that you actually have to laugh out loud
or you will hurt yourself.

Mark Lowry gave an outstanding message.
I won't try to tell you what he said because 
I would butcher
it for sure.

David Phelps....
ahhhhhh.......................that voice.


Thanks, Mom!
We enjoyed it soooo much!!

It has been a very busy week.
This weekend won't be any better for all of that 
but it will be good. 
Kicked off a fundraiser for a church group
headed to Haiti to do mission work yesterday with a new 
group and have a couple coming today to discuss 
a fundraiser for their upcoming mission trip
to Africa.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day with five 
very wonderful children.
Their Mom is going through a very hard time
right now as her Dad has terminal cancer.
The kids and I laughed and laughed as I just 
about stepped on a snake.
The oldest boy said in a very serious voice, 
"I just had to chuckle."
I think he thought I might be upset if he laughed 
at me...but instead we just laughed together.
I'm sure it did look and sound funny to see me 
jump and scream.
It was just a garter snake and very easily 
identifiable so I was never afraid, 
just startled.

I enjoyed seeing their new fluffy yellow chicks.
You know how we used to enjoy getting ours
each Spring.  But now we just let our chickens 
reproduce naturally since we don't need lots and lots
of chickens.

The kids were too smart to fall for my suggestion that 
picking all of the dandelions in the field would be a great
activity and challenge.
I was sure that they would want to do that one!

It's been a while since I've spent 
quality time with the younger set 
and it was good!

We ended the day by prepping English Muffin
Pizzas to be ready for dinner when their Dad got home.
Molly was a big help.
She put the sauce on the muffins and then added 
pepperoni, green peppers, cheese and cooked onions.
Well, in theory they were yummy.
I bugged out of there to get home and cook 
quesadillas for my own gang.

Hope you are well.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Glad, glad your day went so well Friday! What fun!

You know you didn't mention Thursday night...I didn't either because while I had my camera and could totally have blogged it, I forgot and never took a photo! It was a fun time though!


Marydon said...

Ohhhh, you lucky gal! I love LOVE the Gaither's. I wish they were in our area ... I'd be beating feet down there.

Have a beautiful weekend ~

~PJ said...

Loved mark lowry growing up, i can only imagine how amazing it would be to hear/see him in person. Glad you were blessed.

JD said...

What a special evening you hear that beautiful music, and to see Mark Lowry...(we have a lot of his cassett tapes (am I dating myself or what?