Monday, April 16, 2012

Guest Post at CAST Blog

Today I wrote for the CASTTEAM Blog....
every third Monday of the month is mine to write a devotional.
An honor.
Definitely a challenge.

The readers over there are not the same
as the ones I have grown comfortable with here.
After all, you've kind of drifted in
and we've become friends.
I know you've got my back.....

So far, though, the folks at the CAST blog have been sweet
and loving too.  They really should be considering CAST stands for 
Christian Artist Street Team.

Today's devotional deals with a real, gritty, hard
issue in my life.
I cannot believe I am sharing it.
However, just as with Chelsea's Anorexia
I know that in order to find victory it must come into the light.

If you care to read it you'll find it 

Be kind.
I'm vulnerable here.

And with that I've got to go put the 
finishing touches on taxes and then 
get things ready for an Open House this evening.
Raising money for the goals of others 
is a JOY.


Vee said...

Well I shall certainly go read and I will remember to be kind. I need kindness myself.

JD said...

Wonderful thought provoking words, Becky, I know that I am guilty of not taking time to Listen to God...I seem to get lost in the busyness of the day. Than wonder why I feel frustrated all the time. Blessings, Jill

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing that, Becky.

I understand exactly what you mean about feeling safer in my extra layer of protection. I've never heard anyone else express it that way and you hit the nail right on the head for me.

I LOVE Jeremiah 29:11-I have held onto that verse like a lifeline through some tough times.

Again, thanks for sharing what you did today. You gave me a lot of food for thought and made me realize once again how much we have in common. Love you friend!