Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It is Tax Day....At Hospitality Lane

How do you feel about doing your taxes?
I dislike it.

Today I will help my Mom, the kids and 
Warren's Mom do taxes.

If I get them all done in good time I will reward myself 
by going to hear Rick Santorum and James Dobson speak.
I doubt very much that this will happen....
but a girl can dream, right?

Always loving politics as I do....
and coming from a family involved in Christian radio
this event sounds like the best thing ever.

However, it will not even be a possibility if I don't get 
moving and get started on the dreaded paperwork.

I chose photos for this post from our lovely visit to 
Longwood Gardens last Friday.
Warren had the day off for Good Friday and Chelsea
didn't have to be to work until late afternoon so we 
made a quick trip over the river and through the woods.


Theresa said...

Beautiful flowers! I dislike taxes too! I have someone do the actual taxes but the work pulling all of the paperwork together is tough too:) Have a blessed day my friend, I hope you finish in time to hear the speakers! HUGS!

Vee said...

Sounds like a noble goal! Hope that you make it.

Who loves doing taxes? Anyone? ☺

Mrs.Rabe said...

Tim does ours...next year though we will have help...it has gotten complicated with the store!

Have a fun day!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers!
Bob's brother does our taxes. It is nice not having to do them!

Rachel said...

My hubby does our taxes, and it makes me love him even more. I hope you get yours done so you can go! My parents raised me with a lot of Dr. Dobson's advice, and now I read his books for insights into my own children.

Vickie said...

Thankfully, Tony decided to have an accountant start doing our taxes because he's going out on his own to do consulting. HATE doing taxes!

I just love when you go to those gardens - then you show us the most beautiful pictures of flowers! I love those peonies!

JD said...

Beautiful pictures...We are fortunate we don't have to do our own taxes...Our daughter is an accountant...smile...

Melissa G. said...

Beautiful flowers!

Last year and this year i did our taxes with Turbo Tax online and it was SO EASY!