Thursday, April 12, 2012

Apples and Bananas?

So, I told you I'm taking a Beth Moore Bible Study called
When Godly People Do Ungodly Things.

I also told you that it was kicking my butt a bit.
Well, it is very challenging.
The first few weeks are filled with warnings
and an education about the enemy.
There was also the fact that it comes to you 
that just because you have a wonderful relationship with the 
Lord you are not safe from falling.
Just because you have lived with a sin in your life doesn't make it right.

Yesterday's lesson and following discussion
brought some very cool things to light.
The subject was staying within the walls.
Beth used the temple as an example of our lives.
She talked about how some of us view the walls as protection
and get comfort from them....
and how others see the walls as barriers and resent them.

Beth talked about all of the "trees" and "fruit" within the walls.
How we, as Christians, tend to only eat the same old fruits
over and over again.
Apples and Bananas.
We eat these same fruits because that's what our parents
did and their parents before them.
It is what we are teaching our children to 
eat...apples and bananas.
All the while there is such variety available to us.
She said to think about how many trees are in the garden.
It is loaded with trees and fruit.
She says it is no wonder others look at Christians and think
they are boring and then translate that to the thought 
of being a Christian.

Beth is so right on that front.
Most of us Christians live our lives in a 
comfortably boring state.
We so often do not think beyond tradition and routine 
to grasp the  
awesome opportunities for worship, joy and service 
that are all around us.

Revival must start here.
In my heart...
in your heart.
She stressed that WE ARE the church 
and praying that revival would come is useless
if we aren't open to it in our own lives and hearts.

I've been challenged by my daughter lately.
She has been reading books that are helping her 
to see things differently.
When she goes to the Mall she watches people.
She sees the need so many have for the Lord.
Her heart is breaking for the lost.
I admit that I am not there yet.
Oh, I want the lost to be saved,
but I am not actively seeking them out and ministering 
to them...
I have not been specifically
praying for those who are not in my life.
This needs to change.
Let's call that one pineapple.
I want to eat some pineapple.

Chelsea is also getting geared up for her 
adventure in Australia and Cambodia or Thailand
next year.
We'll call that Papaya.....
Living your life for the Lord to the extreme.
She called it writing the book of your life and 
making it interesting.
(That also came from something she read)

As a parent it would be so tempting to encourage
her to investigate her gifts closer to home.
But we challenged her to take a couple of weeks and 
really pray about her future.
She came out of that even more determined that this 
is the right path.
This parent has to yield and encourage her to follow
God's leading in her life.
Will everything be perfect?
Not likely.
Will we miss her?
But will she enjoy the juicy goodness of the Papaya?
Most definitely.
And what a story she will be writing in the process.
So, if God continues to call her to walk this path
we will support and encourage her in it.
We'll trust that God has her in the palm of His hand.

Now, just because I am not going overseas
to eat my Papaya does not mean that I can't eat the 
Papaya too.
I'm actively seeking the Lord's will
in the next chapter of my story.
Does He want me to be more involved in the 
rescue of orphans?

Perhaps my ministry will come through the candle 
business and those I can help through fund raising.

Perhaps it is something that He is going to 
bring into our lives which we have no idea of yet.
I definitely feel a call to get more involved in relationships 
with the ladies in our church .....and serve them and 
make strong friendships.
I think those might be big sweet juicy grapes.
So much fruit.

And I've gotten caught up in just enjoying the 
apples and bananas.

So routine.
So good.

But there is so much more.

I've been challenged.

To be authentic, willing, repentant, open
and to live an exciting and fulfilled life 

Told you I would try to share.
This feels an inadequate 
sharing of the thoughts and feelings
swirling in my head and heart
but you get the idea.


Vee said...

You've done a wonderful job of sharing what you've learned. That Beth! She has a way of sending out a few zingers. It really fits my word for the year — s.t.r.e.t.c.h. Hmmm...

Theresa said...

Wow, what a lesson in LIFE:) Thanks for sharing... I am eating a different fruit this morning! HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

This is so good!

We need to be stretched - by the Lord!

I do love my apples and bananas...but I love pineapple, and mango, peaches and strawberries too!

Kind of a great fruit salad!