Monday, April 9, 2012

Glorious Easter

As is tradition for the Monday after Easter I have
to post about our day.
We, of course, began the formal part 
of the celebrations at a local park for our
"Sonrise Service".

I put that in quotations for a couple of reasons.
One...we intentionally misspell it and happens way later than sunrise.

That doesn't matter to us.
In fact that is the way we prefer it.
With so many families driving nearly an hour
to worship with us it just wouldn't be fair to 
ask them to be there at the crack of dawn.

So, 8:15am yesterday found us tramping through 
wet grass to come pondside for our brief service
which included a reading of the resurrection story, 
prayer and the singing of Up From the Grave He Arose.

We then asked everyone to gather closer
together for a group photo.


It was so striking to those of us who have been
there since the first Sonrise Service how much 
the church has grown.

How much we love all of these wonderful 
families and appreciate the rich friendships.

We did, however, miss Tim, Lindsay and Emily Rabe,
as they are on an adventure in Senegal.
You can read bits and pieces about their journey 
at Deanna's blog....Creekside Cottage.

Everyone convoyed back to the church for a delightful
breakfast.  Everyone was so enthusiastic and signed up 
to bring so much food.  
Since I sent the sign up form with Warren last week 
and stayed home sick I was thrilled when he brought it back
all filled up.
Georgia and I were kept busy making hot waffles
until people could eat no more.
I also took a sausage egg and cheese casserole, 
Baked oatmeal and fruit and yogurt parfaits.

Actually, I was making the parfaits at the church just 
before running for the Sonrise Service.
Chelsea was prepping the hot water and coffee
as we know that chilly people enjoy this straight away
upon their arrival.

While the majority enjoyed more of 
The Truth Project during our Sunday School time
the clean up crew was busy.

I appreciate the faithfulness of these ladies to 
the work of the church.
Do not feel bad for us....
We enjoyed our time together.

Worship service was awesome.
We set a new record for attendance with more
than 75 there.
Since we are not about numbers this is not
really the point....
but let me tell you that the music bursting out 
of that many rejoicing bodies makes one 
really believe that HE AROSE!

We came home to a delightful Easter dinner
at Georgia's house.  She and Mom worked together
to make a traditional meal of ham, mashed potatoes, 
baked pineapple, yams, deviled eggs and more.
Pastor Mike was with us.
We lingered over that for a very long time....
moved to the living room for another long 
time of great conversation and then 
our friend, Denny came over.
Soon it was time for a bite for supper so out came 
the leftovers.
More time of conversation at the table.
Then our friend Jenny joined us and the sharing
of testimonies and stories went late into the evening.
We ended our most wonderful day with prayer
around that table.

We are pretty stinkin' blessed.
In so many ways.

The only downside to the day was that 
Georgia's sink decided that it couldn't drain
 so much of the 
time that the rest of us were sitting at the table chatting
Warren and Georgia were listening from the kitchen
as they worked to open a clogged pipe.
While they made progress it was not completely 
open yet last night. 
I'll have to ask Georgia if it is better today.

How was your Easter?
Did you celebrate His goodness in defeating death
in your services and with your families?
Pastor Mike surprised Mom and I by quoting a 
part of my Dad's Poem, 
When Death Began to Die.

They tried to pop out.
But I successfully blinked them back.

Made my heart smile, though.


Elena said...

How wonderful to have a morning service outside. This year we had nice enough weather to have one. Most of the time it is too cold and wet to have one. Our church had 2 morning services. We taught Mary's class and then we went and got some take out for dinner. My in-laws are back in Oklahoma this year and this is the first Easter without them. I loved all your pictures and the food sounded wonderful!

~PJ said...

that sounds like a really beautiful day!

Theresa said...

Oh what a wonderful service and a great number! We had a blessed service too! Oh the meal sounds delicious and to have those sweet Mamas prepare it:) PRECIOUS! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh, I loved that bit of your Dad's that title!

Our church is so these folks....