Thursday, April 5, 2012

From the Heart

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So....what's happening in your world?
It seems like life has fallen a bit flat around here.
First it was that horrible illness......
Mikey and Chelsea had lesser versions of it.
Although, before Chelsea actually knew she was sick
she passed out at work.
So glad she is o.k.  now.

Mikey tried to go to work yesterday but was 
sent home.  He is pretty miserable.
I'm not sure that he is planning to go today
since I've not seen him yet and he would be due
there in half an hour.

Today I will finish up a fund raiser order
and deliver it.
I need to get some goodies made up for 
Mother's Day.
The photos in this post are the beginning
of the pretties I'm working on for 

But before I spend much 
more time on these fun projects
 taxes must be done and 
there is Easter Sunday.
We'll have our Sonrise Service and Breakfast
at the church as usual.
They are calling for a beautiful Easter morning.
So thankful!!
It is a highlight of my whole year.
I Just love meeting there by the pond 
with the sunshine
and blue skies.

Celebrating the fact that Jesus did not 
remain in the tomb.

He Arose!!

Perhaps some of the dullness I'm
experiencing these days comes from a 
Bible Study I'm working through.
It is Beth Moore's study about
Godly People doing Ungodly Things.
It is say the least.
There is a conscience awareness of the 
subtleties of the enemy's attacks.
The discovery of the things that get in the 
way of perfect fellowship between us and 
our Heavenly Father.
I don't know exactly why, 
out of all of the study options available
at this community study,
I've chosen this one.
However, I believe that it will bear 
much fruit.....
even if it is a painful process.
God is cleaning house.
Working on and in me.
It is good.
Just not fun.
Not sure what the end results will be
but I look forward to sharing what I 
am able to from all of it.

Perhaps that is why the ladies
at our church are also working through
Calm My Anxious Heart
Linda Dillow.
Great companion studies.


Anna said...

Beautiful candles and lovely prayer. Thank you for sharing.

Vee said...

Oh I see a new button that I will snag instead of what I am using now.

This looks like a sweet set of pink candles. Isn't it funny how focusing on sin makes us feel unsettled? Not. Focusing on sin always makes us unsettled.

Have a blessed Easter weekend. I remember your discussions of those Easter Sonrise services by the pond. Such a wonderful way to focus on Him.

Gayla said...

Love those candles. I am sorry you have all been so sick... We have, too, here. Mom was in the hospital with a kidney infection, and my son is having gallstones at his young age... I feel like crud, but I'm the healthy one! haha..

I remember doing that bible study, too.. It was kinda funny because I thought it was going to be about OTHER people doing ungodly things.. haha.. What a comeuppance that was! Moi? Ugh.. Gotta love that Beth Moore!

I'm working through James... Mercy Triumphs... It is really good, but I am sooo slow...

Love you.. Have a beautiful Easter..

Mrs.Rabe said...

They turned out really pretty!

I hope Mikey feels better soon...Chelsea wants to take Rachel out to Rita's which is so sweet, I just want her to be well when she does it - it would not do for us to get sick! That would be bad timing but really when is it good timing to get sick? :(

I'm rambling so I'll close!