Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who Knew What?

If my Dad hadn't passed away
six years ago yesterday we would 
have been on the phone in disbelief
at the news coming from Penn State
this week. 
Frankly, his heart would
have been broken....
at how far a man can fall.

It is beyond my comprehension
that crimes as grievous
as this man is accused of could go on for so 
many years with no deeper investigation
to the whispers and pleading accusations
of a few young men over the years.

To know that a student employee observed a
crime in process and for whatever reason was
not able to gain the attention
of his superiors takes me 
back to a time I was witness to a crime.
It was a patient in the
dental office where I worked.
As I passed by the room in which my patient
sat I saw him tucking
a prescription pad into his 
pants pocket.
It happened so fast that
I had to wonder if I had
actually seen what I thought I had seen.
I could have talked myself out of it if it 
weren't that the moment was
so etched into my brain.
The end result was that I
went to the doctors I 
worked for, 
who did the right thing by
confronting the 
patient and calling the police.

That was over a pad of 
paper which only would have 
hurt the one who took it.

Oh, for the sake of the children....
the many, many children
I wish the authorities that 
this grad student had gone to 
would have been so proactive.  
I can only imagine the images 
that must flash through this man's head...
the images that he knows he saw.
The guilt he must live with
each and every day.
I actually feel sorry for him.
Students are trained to leave it 
to the University officials.
Could and should he have done more?
I think so.
But, I understand the environment that 
caused him to remain quiet.
Who would have believed him?
He was likely assured it had been 
dealt with.

The ripple effect of one man's personal
demons.  It goes far and wide.
From the pain of those he has allegedly 
offended to the mighty at the top of a
famous institution.


Because of our connections to the
area and so many years lived there
we know people directly impacted by the 
media circus.... and by these actions.
Our thoughts and prayers are with them
as they deal with the pain and disappointment
so recently brought their way.



Theresa said...

I am watching this on the news right now! It just makes me sad:( Have a blessed day and we'll pray for all of these people involved! HUGS!

Carol said...

It is so sad on so many levels.

Love & Hugs,

Vee said...

Very sad... Haven't thought of the impact that it would have on your area at ignorant I am of such things...thank you for spelling it out...will pray...

Mrs.Rabe said...

This is heartbreaking on so many levels...


Bella Vista said...

Becky, have seen this on the, so sad. I hurt for the children.


jAne said...

oh my goodness ..
such grieving ..
makes me sick to my stomach.

Vickie said...

Becky, I'm saddened and sickened at the going's on there, too. We all are here, everyone. It could have happened anywhere. I'm so sorry that it happened there where you know people affected by it. I can't believe that someone who witnessed such a crime upon a child could NOT call the police. I don't understand that they "left it up to the authorities at the college". I must quit here or I'll be here all night...